2013 Earthstone Sonoma County Sauvignon Blanc

Earthstone-Sauvignon-Blanc-Sonoma-County-2014The 2013 Earthstone Sonoma County Sauvignon Blanc is $4.99 Trader Joe’s wine, produced by a family owned, sustainably farmed, carbon neutral winery located in Healdsburg, California. Trader Joe’s does not say who produces this Sauv Blanc, but if you Google carbon neutral, solar powered, family owned wineries in Healdsburg, it’s easy to figure out. Single AVA wines from a top producer seldom sell for under five bucks (that is what is known as an under statement). Trader Joe’s website said the producer needed to get rid of excess 2013 Sauv Blanc, but this is a 2014 bottle and the price is the same. Sauvignon Blanc is a grape that does very well as a young wine, pick ’em, crush ’em, let it ferment, give it a little time to come together, then bottle it and you get a bright, alive wine, with a lush nose, crisp acidity and tart tropical fruit flavors. The alcohol content is 13.5%.

The color is clear, clean, golden-yellow. The nose is melon, grapefruit, peach and orange with a lovely floral edge. This is a dry, slightly mellow Sauvignon Blanc with a solid balanced dose of acidity. It starts with lemon/lime, tart grapefruit, then transitions to melon, unsweetened pineapple and a touch of spice. The acidity is well-balanced, this wine will work with your meal but also is easy to sip. The finish is subtle, but does go on for some time.

The 2014 Earthstone Sonoma Coast Sauvignon Blanc is a solid, versatile White wine that just happens to cost $4.99. It is not as bold and as vibrant as some Sauvignon Blanc, but that is not a matter of good or bad and more about being a little different. It is a delicious warm weather wine that will pair well with peel and eat shrimp, plus it has enough body to stand up to spicy Thai noodles.

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