2011 Dama de Toro Malvasia

The 2011 Dama de Toro Malvasia is 100% Malvasia sourced from Bodegas Farina Estate vineyards in the Toro DO of the Zamora region of Spain. Bodegas Farina is a family owned winemaking estate founded in 1942 and the vineyards are even older, some of the Malvasia vines are 100 years old. The Toro DO has a winemaking tradition going back to the ancient Greeks and in the Middle Ages Malvasia was THE white wine of the Mediterranean. Columbus started his voyage to the new world in Toro and brought Toro wine along on his voyage of discovery. This Malvasia is a young wine, no oak aging, and is meant to be consumed within 2 years of release, cellaring will not improve this wine. The alcohol content is 12.5%.

The color is almost completely clear just a whisper of butter yellow. The nose is a light lemon fragrance with faint whiffs of stone fruit floating by. A light, crisp, fresh wine with a unique taste of green apple (and apple core) and solid dose of minerality. The mid palate brings a little juicy peach and sweet pear. This is a refreshing summer wine. The acidity is strong, but balanced, so the Dama de Toro Malvasia would serve as an excellent food wine as long the food flavors are not too strong. The finish is lengthy, it hangs around until you are ready to take the next sip.

The Dama de Toro Malvasia is the perfect white wine for a Mediterranean summer climate, and for the next few months that will include Chicago. A very clean, crisp, palate cleansing wine, good tasting, but not too much fruit or citrus, it would pair well with a shrimp caesar salad or by itself to take a little of the edge off a hot summers evening.

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