Superstition Riesling/Pinot Blanc

44918The Superstition Riesling/Pinot Blanc is 51% Riesling and 49% Pinot Blanc sourced from the Reinhessen region of Germany. They have been making wine in Reinhessen since Caesar came marching thru, way back when and 70% of the wines produced here come from white wine grapes. Pinot Blanc is an unstable mutation of the Pinot Noir grape, but is widely planted, what more can you ask from a Halloween wine than to be an actual mutant. This wine is fermented and aged in stainless steel tanks. It is classified a medium dry and the alcohol content is 11.5%.

The color is light butter yellow. The nose is substantial, nothing tropical and breezy here, buttered rum candy, golden delicious apple, carmel and tangerine. A medium bodied wine, that has smooth rounded flavor. Pink grapefruit and lime mixed with Michigan apples lead things off, the mid-palate adds pineapple, apricot and a butterscotch flavor. The flavors are more on the mellow side than the tart side. Acidity is light and the finish is apricot and does not go away.

Howling Wolf sang, “I ain’t superstitious, but a black cat just crossed my trail” and while German wine has absolutely no connection to Chicago blues, the label has both a black cat and the name “Superstition”. And that is enough to make the Superstition Riesling/Pinot Blanc the white wine that you want to pour at your next Halloween party. It tastes great, not complex, but not the same old, same old. The Superstition Riesling/Pinot Blanc will rock a Halloween party, but will also do just fine on any given tuesday,

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