2008 Volver Tempranillo

Volver Tempranillo from La Mancha – Spain’s largest wine region – is a single-vineyard voluptuous woman of a wine that’s aged 14 months in new french oak.

Her amazing full body does not quit and will coat your glass in dark purples and blacks while her perfume tantalizes you with black cherry, spice, plum and loose-leaf tobacco.

All that body looking good and smelling good – it’s Kim Kardashian drinking a chocolate blackberry coffee right before she kisses you for a while (a long while) – leaving you her delicious taste, a little vanilla, and – I swear – BACON to linger on your palate and your mind long after you watch her walk away. Kim, I hate to see you go – but LOVE watching you leave.

Drink her with cheeses or a pulled-pork sandwich. Cuz you can never have too much pork.

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I like wine. All wine. Except expensive wine. Unless it's already at a party and it's free.

3 comments on “2008 Volver Tempranillo

  1. Bill says:

    where did you find this one? sounds like a perfect winter evenings drink!

  2. janell adamczyk says:

    I have a few bottles of this and love it! The bacon lingering was a ‘gotcha’ at first….until I tasted chocolate covered bacon. I digress.

    Great wine at a great price.

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