MAS RODÓ Montonega 2013

maso_rodo_blancThe 2013 MAS RODÓ Montonega is sourced from estate vineyards near the village of Mediona (not far from Barcelona) in the Penedes DO of Spain. Montonega is the local version of the Parellada grape, which along with Macabeo and Xarel.o are the traditional grapes used in Cava, the Spanish Champagne style Sparkling wine. MAS RODÓ was founded in 2005 and started producing wine in 2009 and though they are new they amassed a stellar reputation. The Montonega grapes are from old vines that pre-date the founding of the winery. This is a young wine, which indicates that there is little or no aging and is meant to be consumed in two, maybe three years after release. The alcohol content is 12%

The color is almost clear, just of hint of pale gold. The nose is husky melon, lime and a floral bouquet. The wine is bright, crisp, lean and delicate. It tastes of apple, honeydew melon and lemon. The mid-palate adds a dash of ripe pear. The acidity is well-balanced giving this wine excellent length and balance. The finish goes on and on.

The 2013 MAS RODÓ Montonega is a beautiful, delicious summer White wine. One easy tip for pairing wine with food, is to use a wine from the country your recipe originated. In Penedes, Spain, seafood, shrimp, oysters and fish are on the local tables and the MAS RODÓ Montonega fits right in. Montonega may not be a well-known grape in the US, but that does not mean that it does not make an outstanding wine. Summer is a great time to be a little adventurous with your wine selections and the MAS RODÓ is a fabulous “change of pace” summer wine. 

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