19 Crimes Snoop Cali Rosé 2020

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19 Crimes Snoop Cali Rosé 2020

The 19 Crimes Snoop Cali Rosé 2020 is a brand from Treasury Wine Estates, a mainly Australian company with wines from all over the world, including American wines like Beringer and Stags’ Leap. The 19 Crimes brand lineup features Australian wines, but the Snoop Dogg wines are sourced from California vineyards.

19 Crimes Snoop Cali Rosé 2020

The 19 Crimes wines are available all over, supermarkets and wine shops. While they are mass-produced wines, they do score well in mainstream wine reviews and are reliable, a bottle of good wine at a good price. Celebrity wines have been around for some time; the Dreaming Tree wines are from Dave Matthews, I have had AC/DC wines, and Post Malone has a Rosé, Maison #9. (Maison is French for a house)

I should have seen Snoop Dogg wine coming when he started hanging out with Martha Stewart. The 19 Crimes Snoop Cali Red was a tasty Red Blend that was Petite Sirah based and mostly sourced from the Lodi AVA. The 19 Crimes Snoop Cali Rosé 2020 is a blend of Zinfandel, Grenache, and Pinot Noir sourced from California.

One interesting detail about this Rosé is the 10.5% alcohol content. Typical California Rosé falls into the 12.5 to 13.5% range. Like Coors beer is a session beer, 19 Crimes Snoop Cali Rosé 2020 is a session Rosé wine. We have not reached the tasting portion yet, but on paper, the Cali Rosé is constructed like those French wines that you sip at a cafe on a plaza while watching the world walk by.

This 19 Crimes Snoop Cali Rosé 2020 review is being released the week before Mother’s Day as a wine recommendation for this Sunday. While it may seem strange at first, what does Snoop and Mother’s Day have in Common? But, The Chronic was released in 1992, almost 30 years ago. If your Mom was of the right age back then, she is well acquainted with “Nothing But A G Thing” and probably thought driving around in a 1964 Chevy convertible with hydraulics looked like big fun.

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Most modern Moms have more culturally in common with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg than the cafe culture of San Tropez in the south of France. The 19 Crimes Snoop Cali Rosé 2020 seems to have a little French style in this Cali Rosé. The unorthodox grape selection sounds interesting, and the low alcohol is probably the right call for a Mother’s Day wine.

19 Crimes Snoop Cali Rosé 2020 Tasting Notes

The bottle glass is frosted which mutes the color in the bottle, when poured into a glass the wine is a bright, shiny amber pink. The nose is cherry, watermelon, apple, a touch of cream, and a light floral edge. I had the bottle in the fridge all day and the cold does inhibit the aromas.

The 19 Crimes Snoop Cali Rosé 2020 is a fruit-forward wine with more body than a 10.5% alcohol content would suggest. It tastes like nectar sweet black cherry, strawberry, light watermelon, soft spice, and a little vanilla. This is not a layered, textured Rosé, but it is a good-tasting Rosé. The earlier reference to a session wine is fitting; this is a wine that allows you to blaze away a lazy afternoon.

The acidity is fine, not quite lip smacking, take another sip acidity, but more subdued and very fitting for the wine.

The Summary

  • The 19 Crimes Snoop Cali Rosé 2020 may be the perfect Mother’s Day wine. A solid, balanced flavor that wine novices can understand and enjoy. At the same time, sporting a low alcohol content that will not get Gramma and Mom tipsy.
  • It ain’t nothing but a Mom’s thing, so enjoy the day.
  • Next year we will probably be drinking Lemmy’s Ace of Spade’s wine spritzers.
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