Zibibbo Sparkling Pink Moscato

The Zibibbo Sparkling Pink Moscato is made from the Muscat of Alexandria grape grown in the Riverland growing area of South Australia. This wine is produced by Angove Family Winery, which in the US is part of Trinchero Family Estates wines. This Moscato has very light bubbles, produced in the Charmat Method– where second fermentation (where they bubbles are born) occurs in pressurized stainless steel vats. A little splash of Shiraz is added to the mix to give the wine some color and this wine has 75 to 80 grams of residual sugar which  make this a sweet wine. The alcohol level is a low 8%.

The wine is the color of an 8 year girls bedroom. The nose is strawberry/lemonade Italian ice. The bubbles are very light, you barely notice them. This Moscato definitely has a sweet side but it is nicely balanced by a tart side. Very clean, crisp, delicate and classy, this isn’t some sugary nothing of a wine. It tastes of fresh picked lemon and limes combined with strawberry shortcake, whipped cream and all. The finish is sugared lemons and is long and strong.

The Zibibbo Sparkling Pink Moscato tastes like adult Italian Ice, perfect to cool off a hot summers night. It’s way too pink for a couple of guys to sit around and drink, but in a mixed setting its good points far outweigh its pinkness.

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