[yellow tail] Sauvignon Blanc

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[yellow tail] Sauvignon Blanc


yellowtail_sauv_blanc_nvThe [yellow tail] Sauvignon Blanc is a non-vintage wine sourced from vineyards in both Australia (93%) and New Zealand (7%). Even though this is a non-vintage wine, meaning the grapes come from more than one years harvest, the percentage of Australia to New Zealand grapes seem to change, there are some older bottlings with 86% Australia to 14% New Zealand. New Zealand is famous for its Sauvignon Blanc, the grapes do very well with their cool climate and heavy coastal influences. Australia has very different weather conditions, with very hot summers and very little rain or sometimes, way too much rain. The Wine Spectator gave they [yellow tail] Sauv Blanc 87 points, which is pretty good for a wine you can buy at a gas station. The alcohol content is a subdued 12%.

The color is golden-yellow, clear and shiny. The nose on this Sauvignon Blanc is not shy, the aromas hit you from a foot or two away, there is tropical fruit, pineapple, peaches, guava, grapefruit and tangerine. This Sauvignon Blanc has a very supple mouthfeel, with a strong shot of crisp, but balanced acidity. It has a bit of that grassy flavor New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is known for, along with unsweetened pineapple, pink grapefruit, a mix of peach with lemon, green apple and lime. The acidity is bright, the flavors are juicy and the finish is lasts a long, long time.

The [yellow tail] Sauvignon Blanc is a very solid, tasty, versatile White wine. The acidity, the body and the bright, tart flavors will allow it to pair well with seafood, fancy summer salads, white sauce pasta, Chipolte burritos and spicy Asian noodles. This is a “bang for the buck” Sauvignon Blanc, nothing in its description, very inexpensive, non-vintage, sourced from all over Australia and somewhere in New Zealand, gives you the hint that this was going to be a very pleasing White wine. I was expecting a Supermarket wine with the edges rounded off and instead I got a solid Sauvignon Blanc that can do battle with wines twice its price.

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