Wine at Wrigley Field & Chicago Gourmet

CheapWineFinder Podcast
CheapWineFinder Podcast
Wine at Wrigley Field & Chicago Gourmet

The Story

This podcast has Quake and Dave talking about, Wine @ Wrigley Field and a food and wine festival, Chicago Gourmet at Millennium Park.

1)Terlato and Federalist Wines took us to a Cubs game at Wrigley Field to drink wine. They serve a whole bottle wine in a plastic carafe, the price is right on par with having a couple of Buds. And a pretty good wine selection, Prosecco, French Rose’ and the Federalist wines.

2) Next we talk about our favorite outdoor Chicago Food and Wine Extravaganza, Chicago Gourmet. An adult carnival of fun, great food, outstanding beverages in an iconic Chicago setting.

All of this in a podcast that Quake and Dave recorded on a rooftop on a beautiful spring day.

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