Wild Turkey American Honey

wild turkey american honey bourbonIf you’re new to whiskey, this is a great way to get your feet (and whistle) wet. Just like you can’t really start enjoying wine by jumping right into the big chewy bold spicy reds without developing your palate for a while, likewise don’t think you hate whiskey because you once dove right into the nasty stuff or huge powerful smoky peaty stuff .

Technically a liqueur (one of the few bourbon-based out there) made from Wild Turkey bourbon that has been flavored with with American, hand-selected honey – this hot American Honey has a beautiful golden Hawaiian Tropic Girl tan. Her neck smells like Warm Vanilla Sugar body spray and she has caramel on her breath. Taste her – she gives you a smooth vanilla syrup kiss that warms you and leaves you with a sweet gentle spice on your lips.

You can drink this straight out of the bottle, chilled, on the rocks, as a shot or pour it right on your damn vanilla ice cream. Then go brush your teeth. If you try it on the rocks – as the ice melts it starts to taste like sweet tea! At 71 proof, sweet tea that gets your buzz on!

In addition their website has some drink ideas – if you can make it past the “Honey Gallery”! My fave is Miss February “Carrie” – legs til next week, plus I’m kinda partial to chicks from Tennessee cuz I can use my “You’re the only ’10’ I see” line.

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