Old Forester Classic 86 Proof Straight Bourbon

cheap whiskey old forester straight bourbonYou may remember our review of their Signature bourbon? As with that particular expression, this bourbon is also a San Francisco World Spirits Competition Double Gold Medal winner. That means over 30 of the finest palates and spirits experts from all over the globe tasted over 1,400 spirits from 63 countries and gave Old Forester their highest honor – a Double Gold Medal!

Old Forester was the first bourbon ever to be bottled by a distiller, then sold in sealed bottles to retailers. Before that, retailers bought barrels and bottled it themselves! And probably watered it down? Crafted from corn, barley and a bit more rye than most bourbons, Old Forester has a fuller, richer character to it.

The scent in your glass reminds you of the farm stand selling cherries and corn on the cob next to bundles of cut and seasoned oak for your fireplace. A sip is like biting into a Heath bar – that’s on fire! Almonds, toffee and mocha melt with the slight heat and notes of barrel char for a rich, warming and fun ride. If you don’t dig on burn, a splash of water will not only take the edge off but will also open up the sweeter notes such as cherries, dried apricots and pralines.

So put some seasoned oak in that fireplace, pour yourself some Old Forester Classic and get close to someone that keeps you warm this winter!

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