Wente Riverbank Riesling 2013

cheap-wine-wente-riesling-riverbankThe 2013 Wente Riverbank Riesling is sourced from Wente’s estate-grown Riverbank vineyard in the “Arroyo Seco Cone”. This funnel-shaped geological anomaly in the Arroyo Seco appellation was formed by eons of its eponymous creek/river flow cutting a deep ravine, the southern edge of which enjoys deep rocky soils where Riesling thrives.

The significance of Wente and what they’ve done for the U.S. wine industry cannot be overstated. We’ve mentioned that in other posts – feel free to catch up here or here. The fact that they hold the distinction of being “the oldest continuously operating, family-owned winery in California” is just pretty cool. Their estate is an official friggin’ historical landmark! Their over 130 years of experience is really a pleasure to enjoy as you sip this beautifully uncommon Riesling.

In your glass it’s a golden ray of sunshine with grapefruit-honeysuckle perfume. A sip is strange – a good strange. Unlike any Riesling you’ve ever enjoyed, you still have your familiar refreshing lush tropical fruits and floral notes, but it’s also so unique with a smack of clove and grapefruit most likely brought to you by its 10% Gewürztraminer. It is perfectly balanced – the acid and light sweetness (that’s right, LIGHT sweetness – this is not your typical sweet-ass Riesling) give it a bright, fresh mouth-feel preserved by its being fermented cold and aged in stainless steel tanks. It’s 13% ABV and would go great with fruit, cheese or even a turkey sub.


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