Trestoria Rose’ 2017

The Trestoria Rose’ 2017 is a $6.99 ALDI exclusive sourced from vineyards in California, that’s it, the grape or grapes used and any info that narrows down where the grapes came from are sadly omitted. The back label says this Rose’ was produced by a company from Modesto, Ca. that seems to be related to E & J Gallo, which is no surprise since they produce ALDI’s 2 Buck Chuck competitor.  And Gallo does know what they are doing when producing value priced wine. The front label gives California as the place of origin for the grapes and in the past I would have rather inaccurately said that California is shown on the label when less than 75% of the grapes came from any one AVA, but that isn’t exactly true. Say, if 55% of the grapes came from Paso Robles and 45% of the grapes came from Monterey, then the Central Coast would be shown as the place of origin or if 40% of the grapes are from Napa and 60% from Sonoma then the North Coast is on the front label. California is shown when the grapes are a mix of Central Coast and North Coast, there can be a couple of exceptions such as Lodi and Clarksburg in the Central Valley AVA), but basically that is how it works. When I first got into wine I thought California designated wine was a step down, but potentially it can be of higher quality than simply Central Coast wine, though that depends on the winery and the grape sourcing. The check-out at ALDI tells me that they can’t keep this Rose’ on the shelves and people are buying cases of the Trestoria for summer parties. The alcohol content is 12.5%.

The color is a pale mix of pink and apricot. The nose is clean and fresh, a little strawberry jam, pink lemonade, flowers, lemon/lime, and faint spice. This Rose’ has solid acidity, it is not dumbed down, with crisp, refreshing flavor. It tastes of raspberry, a slightly salty sensation, pure cherry, and grapefruit juice. The mid-palate adds some strawberry/ lemon Italian ice flavor and a faint mineral flavor. The acidity is solid (all good wine has solid acidity), it will have you smacking your lips, which to me is a sign of a tasty wine. The finish is full and long.

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The Trestoria Rose’ 2017 is a very good Rose’, dry, but fruit forward, crisp and freshening and still full of flavor, and acidity that reminds me of Rose’ from Provence. Now, that after years of trying to talk folks into buying Rose’, they have turned their attention to getting people to buy upscale Rose’. Unless you have found an expensive Rose’ that is to die for, I think your kind of spending money just to spend money. With a little bit of experimentation it is easy to find well priced Rose’ that gets the job done and done well.

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