Torres Altos Ibericos Crianza 2011

ALTIBE_BOT_grandeThe Torres Altos Ibericos Crianza 2011 is 100% Tempranillo sourced from Torres estate vineyards (they own 1,000s of acres of vines) on the Iberian Peninsula in the Rioja region of Spain. Torres is a large family owned winery and vineyards, founded in 1870. Spanish wine is classified by the length of time the wine is aged. Joven or young wines have little or no oak barrel aging and less than a year over-all aging. Reserva Red wines are aged for 3 years with at least 1 year in oak barrel, Gran Reserva Red wine has at least 5 years aging with a minimum of 18 months in oak and 36 months in bottle. The Torres Altos is a Crianza, the requirements are 2 years aging and at least 6 months in oak barrel, here the wine was aged for 12 months is French and American oak. The alcohol content is 14%.

The color is plum red with a clear halo. The nose is ripe, rich, dark berries, French vanilla, a touch of spice, raspberry and raisin. The Torres Altos Ibericos is a full-bodied, fruit forward, smooth wine, with just enough bite from the tannins. It tastes of black cherry, Dove dark chocolate, licorice, spice and a little toasty vanilla. This Rioja has length and balance. The finish is full and long.

The Torres Altos Ibericos Crianza 2011 is a very solid, tasty wine, a bottle with some age that is priced with the younger “drink it now” wines ( a check of the web showed the average price to be around $12). The Torres Altos Ibericos checks off all the boxes, it is well made, balanced, shows solid structure, delivers loads of flavor and is well priced.

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