Top Five Things To Drink This Valentines Day

Lovers! In the words of Jim Gaffigan, “Without Valentine’s Day, February would be… well, January!”

What should we be drinking with our hotties? Wine, of course – A.K.A. “the ultimate aphrodisiac“.

How about Champagne? For Valentines Day it’s a no-brainer. They go hand-in-hand like wine and cheese. Like wine and chocolate. After all, Champagne’s for celebrations and Valentines Day is all about you celebrating your hottie. Plus it’ll go straight to their head and then it’s sexy time. Did you know that only wine from a certain area in France (from Champagne, duh) is legally allowed to be called Champagne?

Vintage Champagne (has a year on it) will run you a few bucks and uses grapes from a particular year (vintage), whereas non-vintage (NV) Champagne is more affordable since it’s a blend of champagnes from different years. “Brut” Champagnes have lower sugar content and are considered to be more “dry” than “sweet”. So if your sweetie is sweet enough, do the Brut.

Champagne prices bumming you out? Then get something close (sometimes identical if it were from that special region) like a Cava, which is sparkling wine from Spain. Some winemakers even make Cava using the same methods used to make Champagne – the méthode champenoise (or traditional method). Awesome even though it’s from another country, just like your valentine!

Not in a Spain kinda mood? Then tell your valentine you’re gonna have some Sekt, some really good Sekt – that’s sparkling wine from Germany! Now most of this stuff is made in the “other” method – the “Charmat Method”. It’s the “we’re not trying for Champagne” method, but that doesn’t mean that these wines don’t rock the house. How would you know if you had a really awesome expensive Champagne anyway?

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Bubbly too crazy for you? Then get Grenache or Garnacha (same grape, just that Grenache is the French name, Garnacha the Spanish). In the words of Oz Clarke, if you want a little sexy going on, add Grenache to the party. Grenache is just like your hottie – vibrant, full-bodied, assertive and very sexy!

Looking for something state-side? Then get some Pinot Noir. Pinot from Carneros or Oregon is silky, sexy and voluptuous! Michael Richmond of Bouchaine Vineyards once put it, “Cabernet Sauvignon knocks your socks off. Pinot Noir slides your stockings off.” Mee-yoww!

Oregon is also home to some nice wines called Naked and Orgasmic. So, yeah just get those. But don’t get her yellow roses or Bitch Bubbly!

Now, get out there & love somebody.

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