Tiefenbrunner Pinot Grigio 2018

Tiefenbrunner Pinot Grigio 2018The Story

The Tiefenbrunner Pinot Grigio 2018 is 100% Pinot Grigio sourced from the Tiefenbrunner estate (founded 1848) vineyard in the Vigneti Delle Dolomiti IGT district of Trentino-Alto Adige region of far northern Italy. Vigneti Delle Dolomiti is located in the foothills of the Dolomite Mountains which are part of the Alps Mountain chain. This part of Italy is as much German as it is Italian, with most villages having both a German and an Italian name.

The IGT wine designation loosens the rules and regulations that winemakers in DOC and DOCG areas have to adhere to. Trentino and parts of Veneto are the leading growing regions for Italian Pinot Grigio with Alto-Adige being the elite area and wines from there commanding the highest prices. But the conditions in the district allow many locations to grow excellent Pinot Grigio grapes.

The Tiefenbrunner Pinot Grigio is sourced from a vineyard with mature grapevines (planted 1985 or older). This Pinot Grigio was fermented in stainless steel tanks and them aged in cement vats for 4 months. Cement vats are not yet common in US winemaking but are used often in Italian and French wines. The cement tanks are lined to keep out odd flavors and the sides are thick enough to provide the aging wines stable temperatures and humidity.

Caves are often used as wine cellars since the temperatures and humidity in a cave a constant and developing wine perform best with consistent climate conditions. Stainless steel tanks are fairly thin-walled and while they provide several advantages for the winemaking process are not as efficient with climate control as cement vats. The alcohol content is 12.5%.

The Tasting Notes

The color is a very clean, clear pale wheat yellow. The nose is ripe citrus, along with Golden Delicious apple, peach and a bouquet of flowers. This is a rather tasty Pinot Grigio, light and delicate, but rich flavors and well-balanced acidity (some Pinot Grigio from this general region can overdo the acidity). It starts with a mix of grapefruit, lemon, and lime, and then pear, and a little gentle spice. The mid-palate adds guava, a salty sensation, a hint of minerality, and a late dash of juicy peach. One thing I always enjoyed about Pinot Grigio was the layers of distinct, but subtle flavors and the Tiefenbrunner does well in this regard. The acidity is in the pocket, the flavors unfold, but the acid does not bite. The finish is subtle but does not quit any time soon.

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The Summary

  • I was talking to someone recently who has family in Rome and they made the comment that folks in Italy do not spend more than $10 for a bottle of wine unless it is a very special occasion. I found the Tiefenbrunner for $11.99 in Chicago, which would put it under ten bucks back in Italy.
  • It is a delicious Pinot Grigio.
  • Not only are the flavors pleasing it has enjoyable mouth-feel and texture, but it is also a well-made wine.


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