TheShakedownwhite_front_2The Shakedown White Blend is 75% Sauvignon Blanc (50% grown in Paso Robles and 25% grown in Santa Ynez Valley), 20% Muscat Blanc (Paso Robles) and 5% Viognier (Paso Robles). The grapes are grown by an association of 300 farmers who grow grapes using sustainable farming practices. This is a non-vintage wine, which means at least one of the grape varieties was aged longer than the other varietals, so the grapes came from more than one vintage.

The color is almost clear, yellow is just a rumor. The nose is dusty melon with pear and sweet pineapple. The first impression is a wine that is very smooth, but with great structure. It tastes like a grapefruit and a pear was grafted together, along with a late hit of lime. This is not a light breezy wine, the flavors have some weight to them. The acidity is balanced and the lime finish lingers on and on.

The Shakedown White Blend is a substantial, flavorful wine. This is a White wine that goes beyond being a bright, lively summer refresher, The Shakedown stands up to the fall and the winter, too. You can pair the Shakedown White with all kinds of food, if you like, but I think this is a sitting down and drinking with friends wine.

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