53279The Tenute Tomasella Ose-Rosato Demi-Sec is a Spumante or Sparkling wine grown in vineyards in both Veneto and Fruili in north-eastern Italy. The grapes used are Refosco (a dark skinned Red grape) and Verduzzo (one of the most planted White grapes from this area), the grapes are not picked a harvest, but left on the vine to wither. They don’t let the grapes dry out, just wither, the grapes are not yet raisins and that is when they pick them and start to winemaking process.  The Bubbles are added the same way they make Prosecco, the wine is pumped into large pressurized tanks with CO2 added (With Champagne the Bubbles are added inside each individual bottle). Demi-Sec is one of the sweeter wine designations. The alcohol content is 11.5%.

A wonderful sparkling with a Flower Berry nose.  An extremely floral cherry flavor, with a full finish rich in cognac sherry flavor. Pair with berry’s and pungent cheeses. Very refreshing and unique.

I am not sure about how widely distributed this Bubbly is, the Refosco/Verduzzo Sparkling wines are probably not the most requested bottles down at the old wine bar. It is a demi-sec wine, but the withered grapes need a little kick, so the wine does not seem to be all that sweet. If you are in a wine rut and tired of the same old thing, the Ose’-Rosato will turn your head around.


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