Tailslide Pinot Noir 2019

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Tailslide Pinot Noir 2019

The Tailslide Pinot Noir 2019 is a $6.99 ALDI wine, and that is all I know about this wine. If you go to this link and search by Tailslide, you will find out which winery produced the wine. Since the winery name is not on the bottle, I do not like to say that this is that wineries product. They made the wine for ALDI, not for themselves. Finding out which winery was used for this wine is fun and sometimes interesting.

Tailslide Pinot Noir 2019

The Tailslide Pinot Noir 2019 has been sold at ALDI since at least the 2014 vintage, though this is the first time the wine caught my eye. Pinot Noir is not easy to produce at a value price. There are quality value producers that can be counted on to offer reliable, inexpensive Pinot Noir.

Neither ALDI nor the producing winery has a reputation regarding Pinot, though the company that owns the winery for the Tailslide is known for to-quality wine. Usually, when I track down the producer of a store brand wine, I am moderately pleased. But I do not have any experience with this winery. I have seen their wines around but have never given them a try.

A pet peeve of mine is folks who criticize a wine before they taste it. So I will keep an open mind, and I have had good luck drinking ALDI wine. I have tried a couple that I will never buy again, but 90% of the time, I have found an enjoyable wine at an excellent price.

Their 2019 Champagne released during the Holiday season was my favorite wine of 2019; it was $19.99 Bubbly that could compete with Champagne at twice the price. While I do not have high expectations for the Tailslide Pinot Noir 2019, I am half expecting to be pleasantly surprised. There was a time when there was good wine, and then there was cheap wine, and the two were not related.

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Those days are gone; value-priced wine can be very satisfying. There are many sub-$10 wines on the pages of CheapWineFinder that I can recommend without reservation. So on to the tasting section to see what the Tailslide Pinot Noir 2019 is about. The alcohol content is 13.7%.

Tailslide Pinot Noir 2019 Tasting Notes

The Tailslide Pinot Noir 2019 is not complex, but the flavors that are there are pleasing. The color is a see-thru, clean, clear cherry red. The nose is ripe black cherry, light herbs, soft spice, a hint of vanilla, a bit subtle for a Pinot Noir.

It tastes like ripe, slightly sour cherry, soft spice with a slightly rough edge to give this Pinot some texture, vanilla, and cranberry. The mid-palate adds orange zest, sweet raspberry, herbs, and ripe plum. Make sure you give this wine to open, it takes a little time for the flavors to unfold, and it is a far better drinking experience when fully open and ready.

The Summary

  • The Tailslide Pinot Noir 2019 is not a $14 wine selling for $6.99, but it is a solid $6.99 Pinot Noir.
  • It is not complex or layered, but it does have enough of that funky Pinot noir character to keep your interest.
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