Cheap Beer

2013 BarrelHouse Brewing Sweet Flanders Red

I think sours will be the next IPA! There I said it. And not a moment too soon (pretty sick of IPAs)! Ever had a sour? It’ll definitely be one of your more memorable firsts. Funky! Some of you will stop after your first or first five, pucker, make a face, and never venture into…

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Old German Premium Lager

The Old German Premium Lager is one of Pittsburgh Brewing Company’s (the old Iron City Brewing Company) line of brews. The Old German Premium Lager had been produced by the Queen City Brewing Company out of Maryland, but Queen City Brewing was one of the many American breweries that shut down in the 1970s. A…

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Mission St. Brown Ale

The Mission St. Brown Ale is a $2.29 (22 oz bottle) Trader Joe’s exclusive. The label says Brewed and Bottled by Steinhaus Brewing Co., but a quick check with the public website shows Firestone Walker Brewery, a craft brewery from Paso Robles, California as the producer. In the past few years the market for…

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