Snoqualmie Winemaker’s Select Riesling 2012

2012snoqualmievcrieslingThe 2012 Snoqualmie Winemaker’s Select Riesling is 90.8% Riesling, 4.8% Muscat and 4.4% Viognier sourced from several vineyards in the Columbia Valley AVA of Washington State. Snoqualmie has been in business since 1983 and has been owned by Chateau Ste Michelle since 1991. The 2012 vintage in the Columbia Valley was very good with a near record crop. This Riesling is simply produced, without any oak and very little aging, here they let the grapes do the talking. The alcohol content is a mild 11.5%.

The color is a shiny, clear butter yellow. The nose is delicate and pretty, apricot, honey, peach, pear, grapefruit, pineapple, a whole bouquet of delicious scents. This is not a dry Riesling, there is a sweet edge to this wine, but it is balanced and never gets too sweet. It tastes of peach and pear, lemon and lime, dried apricot and dried pineapple. The mid palate adds a slight brush of minerality and a touch of spice. This is a medium-light bodied Riesling, but the mouthfeel has some weight to it. The acidity is in check and the finish lasts a long time.

The 2012 Snoqualmie Winemaker’s Select Riesling is a very tasty, easy to like White wine, especially if you like your Riesling a little on the sweet side. The Snoqualmie is a good wine for novice wine drinkers, tons of fruit and citrus flavors, with the more challenging Riesling flavors, such as minerals or petrol, muted, along with the balanced sweetness. It is a real deal Riesling and not some super sweet, to hide the faults Riesling. More of a desert wine than a full on food wine, it works very well as a tuesday night backyard deck sipper.

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