Simply Naked Unoaked Sauvignon Blanc 2011

Simply Naked Unoaked Sauvignon Blanc 750ml Bottle Shot (Web) [CA-ECM2019040 Revision-7]The  Simply Naked Unoaked Sauvignon Blanc 2011 is sourced from vineyards on the East coast of New Zealand. New Zealand is made up of two islands and the majority of the grape growing areas are located along the eastern shoreline. Simply Naked is one of Constellation Brands 53 wine labels available in the US, Constellation Brands is the largest wine company in the world. Simply Naked brand wines are not aged in oak barrels, but in stainless steel vats or tanks. These are “drink it now” wines, putting this wine away for year wouldn’t add all that much to the wine. New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is typically unoaked, especially at the lower price points and less than $8 for a New Zealand Sauv Blanc is a bargain. In Europe, unoaked, simply made wines are called young wines and they are the wines the usual wine drinker in Spain or France drink every day. The alcohol content is a reasonable 12.5%.

The color is pale Coors Lite beer yellow. The nose is vibrant and refreshing, tropical fruit abounds, with a light floral edge. It starts with a mix of grapefruit and pear, the pear softens the grapefruit’s acidity and grapefruit mutes the pears juicy sweetness. There is a touch of lemon/lime, some dried apricot, a soft gentle brush of minerality and a late hit of tart apple. There is some lip smacking acidity that shows up at the finish, nothing out of balance and it does help the subtle finish hang on for a while.

The 2011 Simply Naked Unoaked Sauvignon Blanc is an 8 buck New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc that tastes very much along the same lines as the typical NZ Sauv Blanc on the wine shop shelves, but sells for 50% less. You don’t get New Zealand terrior, the subtle characteristics of Marlborough or Hawkes Bay, but you do get a well rounded overview of New Zealand at a price you can afford.

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