Sequin Pinot Grigio (Bubbly) 2012

sequinpinotgrigio2012bubblesThe 2012 Sequin Pinot Grigio (Delicately Bubbled) Sparkling wine is sourced from vineyards in more than one California grape growing AVA. Sequin is a brand owned by Delicato Family Vineyards, the producers of Gnarly Head, Brazin, Bota Box and a host of other wines. The Sequin Pinot Grigio has soft, less intense bubbles, this isn’t a full on Champagne style Sparkling wine, it has a regular screw cap enclosure and not a cork and cage. This is one of those wines where the technical information is not all that important, what is important is that you keep the bottle well chilled and maybe stick your glass in the freezer for a few minutes, before twisting the top. The alcohol content is a low 9.5%.

The color is a pale platinum yellow, the bubbles are fast and furious, but slow down rather quickly. The nose is light and delicate, a little pear, some soft apple, a touch of citrus. There is plenty of fizz to let the bubbles dance on your tongue, there is a touch of sweetness, but it does not dominate the flavors. It tastes of lemon/lime with a little pear and golden delicious apple. There is a slight mineral water element added on the mid palate, along with a little pink grapefruit. The acidity is well balanced and the finish is fairly long and strong.

The Sequin Pinot Grigio Bubbly is one of those “get the party started” wines, very crisp and refreshing, but low enough in alcohol (9.5%) to lubricate the conversations, without being over powering. The Sequin Pinot Grigio is tasty, balanced and a little bit on the classy side, which is rare for a “fun” bubbly. With a name like Sequin, this is a Bubbly aimed at female wine drinkers, that guys sitting around playing Madden 25 on the Playstation can easily enjoy. Everyday Bubbles is a wonderful thing.

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this bottle was received as a sample

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