Sea Pearl Pinot Noir 2013

62010011113_bottleThe Sea Pearl Pinot Noir 2013 is sourced from vineyards in the Marlborough growing area of New Zealand’s South Island. Marlborough is located at the northeast tip of South Island and has the Pacific Ocean to it’s north and east and mountain ranges to the west and south. It has a very sunny, but cool climate, with low rainfall, which makes it an excellent location to grow Pinot Noir. A portion of the Sea Pearl was aged in stainless steel tanks and the rest aged in French oak barrels and the various lots were then blended together. The alcohol content is 13.5%.

The color is a pale, see-thru crimson red. The nose is complicated and pretty, cherry, oak spice, herbs, mint, sauteed mushroom, a little leather and faint brown sugar, it smells like a cologne that is marketed to male Chefs. This is a medium to light bodied Pinot Noir, dry, balanced, with good length. It starts with ripe cherry, herbs, raspberry and bitter dark chocolate. The mid-palate shows a dash of strawberries in cream, along with exotic spice. The tannins let you know they are there, but do not interfere. The acidity is well balanced. The finish is subtle and lingers on and on.

The Sea Pearl Pinot Noir 2013 is a very pretty, delicate, tasty Pinot Noir. New Zealand may be best known for it’s excellent Sauvignon Blanc, but I think I prefer their Pinot Noir. It is usually an interesting mix of fruit-forward New World wine, with the structure and balance of Old-World wine. An added bonus is New Zealand Pinot Noir tends to be more reasonably priced than comparable Pinots from around the world. The Sea Pearl Pinot Noir is an excellent everyday Pinot that can also work for Special occasions.

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