samsmithorganicappleciderThe Samuel Smith Organic Cider is produced from several varieties of organically grown apples in the town of Tadcaster in Yorkshire, England. The Samuel Smith Brewery was founded in 1758 and the original well (also dug in 1758) used to provide water for brewing is still in use. Samuel Smith is so old school, that they use Shire horses to pull the wagon to make their daily local deliveries. Samuel Smith is a small brewery, they are the smallest of 3 breweries in town and produce only 5% of the total output (though one of the other breweries is Coors/Bass). This cider is certified organic, Vegan friendly and gluten free and in keeping with the overall tone of the CWF website, wine yeast is used to ferment the apple juice. The alcohol content is 5%.

The color is a pale wheat yellow. The nose, of course, is fresh apples with a slight yeasty note. This is a light bodied cider with bright, crisp apple flavor and a gentle hit of tart acidity on the back end. This cider is very well balanced and goes down very easily. Some of the ciders on the market are a bit of a fruit bomb, they hit you with a ton of apple flavor and have a bit of heft to the body. The Samuel Smith Organic Cider is almost delicate and refined in comparison. What ice tea is to a hot summers day, the Samuel Smith Organic Cider is to a cool fall day. Delicate and elegant are not terms that I would normally use to describe apple cider, but if you add them to delicious and refreshing, you pretty much sum up Samuel Smith Organic Cider.

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