Restivo Silver Series Torrontes 2013

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Restivo Silver Series Torrontes 2013


restivo_silver_TorrontesThe Restivo Silver Series Torrontes 2013 is sourced from grapes grown in vineyards near the town of Barrancas in the Maipu district of Mendoza in Argentina. Torrontes is THE White grape of Argentina and it is grown only in Argentina. Mendoza is located in the foothills of the Andes Mountains and its vineyards are some of the highest elevation vineyards in the world. The altitude varies from 2,400 feet to 5,000 feet, the higher elevation Torrontes tends to be leaner, while the lower elevation grapes are a little more fruit forward. So, if you think because you had one Torrontes you have had them all, you are wrong, there are real differences, depending on where they are grown. The Restivo Silver Series vineyards are located at about 2,880 feet. Because of the high altitudes, the vines receive intense exposure to the sun, with warm days and cool nights. The alcohol content is 13%.

The color is crystal clear, bright and shiny, golden-yellow. It has a pretty nose, exotic fruit and perfume. This is a medium bodied, dry wine. It tastes of lemon, a little gin and tonic lime, melon, dried apricot, a soft brush of minerality, grapefruit and Anjou pear. There is enough acidity is allow the Restivo Torrontes to be an excellent food wine, but it is well-balanced. The acidity does not get the way of you’re sipping pleasure. This is a full flavored wine with a long full finish.

Torrontes is a wonderful warm weather wine (it will do well in cold weather, too), crisp and refreshing, yet has enough body and bold flavor to pair with a variety of dishes. It also does not taste like the usual White wines, Chardonnay, Sauv Blanc, Pinot Grigio, etc., but the flavors are familiar and accessible (it s not an acquired taste). It should be on everyone’s White wine rotation, it drinks great, it is priced right (somewhere within a couple of bucks of $10), it can enhance many meals and it is not the same old, same old. So, this summer, make every tuesday Torrontes Tuesday, your palate will thank you.

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