Rene Barbier Mediterrean Red

rene-barbier-red-bottleRene Barbier Mediterranean Red is a non-vintage blend of 55% Merlot and 45% Tempranillo sourced from the Catalunya D.O. located in Northeastern Spain (near Barcelona). It is available at World Market and several other retailer and sells at Trader Joe’s for $4.99. The alcohol content is 12.5%.

The color is clear, shiny cherry red. The nose is black cherry, spice, a little vanilla and a bit of a woody note. It tastes of soft plum and tart cherry, a little spice, a little licorice and a slight green taste. There is a slight bite from the tannins and  a fair amount of acidity running under all the fruit.  Not a complex wine, but not too simple, either.

The Rene Barbier Mediterranean Red is a very solid 5 buck wine, a pleasing flavor with enough complexity to keep things interesting. The Mediterranean Red is a rustic, Spanish Village wine, cheap enough to drink every day and good enough to want to drink it every day.

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