Raventos I Blanc Textures de Pedra 2014

The Raventos I Blanc Textures de Pedra 2014 is a vintage, bio-dynamic, Estate grown Sparkling wine from the Penedes district of the Catalonia region of Spain (think Barcelona). While this is a Sparkling wine produced with the traditional method (like Champagne) it is not Cava.

Raventos I Blanc Textures de Pedra 2014

Raventos I Blanc is part of a wine family that has been producing wine at this estate since 1497. Another member of the Raventos family produced the first Cava in 1872. The current Raventos I Blanc Estate was started in 1984, so they do have a history in this region.

Originally the Estate was located in the Cava DO, DO in Spain is the equivalent to an AVA in the USA, a boundary of a grape-growing area. In 2012, Raventos left the Cava DO and started the Conca del Riu Anoia region. They left in part because they did not think the rules and regulations governing the Cava DO were strict enough.

Raventos I Blanc and the Raventos I Blanc Textures de Pedra 2014 differ from the typical Cava Sparkling wine in that they are vintage-dated rather than non-vintage and specialize in the indigenous grapes of Catalonia.

The blend of grapes used in this Bubbly are unique, there is 30% Xarel.lo, one of the three grape varietals traditionally used in Cava. Then 25% Xarel.lo Vermell, a rare Red grape mutation of Xarel.lo.

Also 25% Sumoll, a local Red Grape, and 15% Bastard Negre, Negre is Spanish for the French Noir meaning dark or black grapes. Then 5% Parellada which is also one of three traditional Cava grapes, Macabeo is the only grape missing.

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The estate vineyard is biodynamically farmed which expands on organic farming to the point where farming decisions are made based on the phases of the moon.

The 2014 vintage of Raventos I Blanc Textures de Pedra 2014 may have 20% of the grapes sourced from a second vineyard, there are conflicting tech notes. As a vintage Sparkling wine, the details can change from vintage to vintage.

I think the 2016 vintage is the current release, but 2014 should be still available and Raventos I Blanc has other vintage-dated bottlings with different grape combinations.

The Raventos I Blanc Textures de Pedra 2014 is made in the Traditional Method, the same techniques used in Champagne. In Champagne, the second fermentation must last at least 18 months, with the more expensive, exclusive brands going far beyond. With Cava, the minimum time for 2nd fermentation is 9 months with the more exclusive Bubbly going an extended time.

The Raventos I Blanc Textures de Pedra 2014 is in a bottle for 42 months, the date that removed the dead yeast is 11-10-2018, each bottle is individually date stamped.

Extended triage (aging) is where the magic in Sparkling wine lies. The younger “House Style” Bubbly is wonderful. But time does things to wine that no winemaking tricks can replicate. With time the flavors meld together, the bubbles are further incorporated into the wine, and the Bubbly becomes creamy and delicious.

This is not an inexpensive Bubbly, a quick check of the web showed prices in the $40 to $50 range. Yes, it is in the Champagne price range, but it is well under the price of estate-grown, bio-dynamic, extended triage, and vintage-dated Champagne.

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Plus there are not too many wines that will feature this blend of grapes, some of these grapes are rare and unique. If you are interested in vintage, aged Bubbly the Raventos I Blanc Textures de Pedra 2014 can be considered to be a bargain. The alcohol content is 12%.

Raventos I Blanc Textures de Pedra 2014 Tasting Notes

The color is golden yellow, with a flurry of fine bubbles. The nose has weight, this is not a crisp and light Bubbly, there are notes of melon, butter, yeasty bread, lemon, apple, Anjou pear, a little Nutella, and spice.

This is a full-flavored Sparkling wine, the mid-palate is a full as the initial flavor. It starts with ripe, tart, apple, Meyer lemon, a touch of melon, a splash of spices, and dried pear.

The mid-palate adds orange zest, stone fruit, non-sweet ginger ale, and black cherry. The acidity is balanced but it does not hit your palate the way it does with younger Bubbly with far less aging. It does not hit the front of your palate it hits the back of your palate if that makes sense.

The Summary

  • The Raventos I Blanc Textures de Pedra 2014 is a classy and unique drinking experience.
  • This is essentially a one of a kind Bubbly.
  • A biodynamically-farmed, extended triage and vintage-dated Bubbly is typically priced extravagantly. This is in comparison reasonably priced.
  • And with a quick P.S., this Bubbly tastes better with every sip.
  • I almost forgot the name of the wineTextures de Pedra translates to Texture of Stone. The vineyard is rock-strewn, there is little topsoil and the roots of the vines have to dig deep to find moisture.
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