Raimat Organic Albarino 2022

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Raimat Organic Albarino 2022

The Raimat Organic Albarino 2022 is a wine produced by organic Estate vineyards in the Costers del Segre DO in Catalonia in eastern Spain. For some interesting facts about the Albarino grape check out Wine Folly.

Raimat Organic Albarino 2022

This is a wine I found at Trader Joe’s selling for $8.49 and a check on the Web showed the average prices ranged from $10 to $14. Raimat Winery was founded in 1914 and is operated by Raventos/Codorniu, a major producer of Cava wines and various other brands and varietals.

The Raimat Organic Albarino 2022 uses organic grapes and is sustainably farmed, but is not vegan-friendly The different lots of grapes from the estate vineyards are fermented separately..

The grapes are barrel fermented and see an additional 10 months of aging in oak. The wine is aged “on lees” (the dead yeast is kept with the aging wine), and the lees are stirred daily this technique provides a creamy flavor to the wine.

Several different types of yeast are used in fermentation to bring out various textures and flavors in the White wine. The alcohol content is a mild 12%.

The Raimat Organic Albarino 2022 Tasting Notes

The color is lemon yellow. The nose is melon, honey, dill pickle (that sounds bad, but can add interest), nectarine, tropical fruit, light spice, and vanilla, not the usual profile for an affordable White wine. The Raimat Organic Albarino 2022 is full of flavor.

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This Albarino tastes like green apple, peach, pear, soft spice, and a splash of vanilla. The mid-palate sees melon, tangerine (mild), stone fruit, and guava.

The acidity is well-balanced and splits the difference between allowing the flavors to unfold and whispering to you to take another sip.

The Summary

  • The Raimat Organic Albarino 2022 is a wonderful drinking experience.
  • Albania tastes familiar, it is just that the flavors are in a different order.
  • I found this wine selling for $8.49 and that may be the bargain of the summer.

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