Purīste Premium Vodka

Purīste Premium Vodka, created with the purest water and highest quality wheat from high in the Austrian Alps, was the brainchild of two guys that had great palates – Leo Hillinger and the late Alois “Luis” Kracher Jr., two of Austria‘s most successful winemakers.

In the age where premium vodkas are being farted out left and right, they knew that while the number of times a vodka is distilled doesn’t (usually) correspond to higher quality, it is important that it’s distilled the *appropriate* number of times. In this case Hillinger & Kracher settled on six times (as opposed to Grey Goose’s five, for example), and I believe that they got it right – given that they started with the purest sources of ingredients. Vodka experts (Rocko and Jimmy from the tavern) will tell you that how many times you filter and distill a vodka mean nothing, but if you’ve ever drank too much Popov or Cossack, your hangover and sharp left-eye-only headache know better.

Clear and clean in your glass, a sniff reminds you of the Burt’s Bees lip balm your girlfriend wears. Clean, silky and smooth the first sip has notes of a honey-caramel dipped Fig Newton dusted with powdered sugar. It finishes with intense grain, mineral, and dates dipped in cocoa and butter cream frosting.

At 80 proof, it’s better suited to sipping than other vodkas. And unlike other vodkas that taste better ice cold when the spirit’s true taste is most dormant, Purīste tastes great at room temperature – hell even warm.

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This one may be a little tough to find, they have it here at a price low enough to think about picking up a case.

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