Villa Sandi il Fresco Brut Prosecco

The Villa Sandi ilFresco Brut Prosecco is a DOC classified non-vintage Bubbly, 85% Glera, 15% Chardonnay & Pinot Blanc sourced from the Treviso region of Veneto (Venice) in Northeast Italy. Villa Sandi has been a wine estate since 1622, though Prosecco, as we know it today, has only been around for a little over 100 years. The il Fresco in the name translates to “fresh” and that refers to their production technique of refrigerating the crushed juice until it is needed. Then they ferment the juice a first time and then transfer the wine to a huge autoclave (a pressurized tank, it keeps the CO2 gasses released during fermentation from escaping) to ferment the wine a 2nd time (this is where the bubbles are formed), this method is called the Charmat Method. The wine is fermented in the autoclave (a much larger version of the machine that sterilized surgical and tattoo equipment) for 2 months “on lees”. On lees indicated the dead yeast is left in the tank with the juice, it will add flavor and structure. By waiting to produce the Bubbly until needed for sale, it is always fresh and lively. As a non-vintage wine, the Villa Sandi Brut Prosecco is blended each year with juice from earlier vintages to insure the final outcome always reflects the “house style”. With Sparkling wine, all the producers (in Prosecco and Champagne) use the same grapes, from the same general local, and use the same production methods. The important differences come from the small details, in the vineyard and during the wine production that allows the Bubbly to have its own unique personality. The alcohol content is 11%. The color is a mix of gold and platinum, with loads of highly energetic bubbles. The nose is crisp and clean, slightly yeasty, with aromas of lemons, limes, apples, pear, and a soft floral edge. This is a soft, rounded Bubbly, with an excellent dose of acidity. It starts with crisp Green apple, Meyer lemon, not too tart grapefruit, the “on lees” adds a salty nutty sensation. The mid-palate adds fresh lime and not sweet peach. The flavors are all well-balanced and the acidity will activate your palate. You will find yourself reaching for another sip without actively thinking about. The finish is crisp, clean and fairly lengthy. Summary * Second fermentation lasted 2 months, which is a solid length of time for an entry-level Italian Sparkling wine. The longer the time the better the integration of the bubbles. * The addition of Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc adds contrast to the usual Glera grape Prosecco flavor profile * The House Style, with all Bubbly, is a very important consideration. I used to buy which ever Prosecco was on sale. I think it is time to start thinking about the Prosecco that is “right” for me. The difference between the price of the “sale” Prosecco and what will be my favorite Prosecco isn't that large. So buy your favorite.

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