Unraveling the Mystery of Aldi’s Award-Winning $10 Rosé: A Domain Dave Deep Dive

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CheapWineFinder Podcast
Unraveling the Mystery of Aldi's Award-Winning $10 Rosé: A Domain Dave Deep Dive

Do you ever wonder how a $10 wine can be considered one of the best in the world? Join us on Domain Dave as we unravel the fascinating story behind Aldi’s Exquisite Collection Coates d’Provence Rosé 2021. We’ll share how the 2016 version of this rosé gained international acclaim and whether the hype is justified.

Pour yourself a glass and settle in as we taste this renowned rosé, discussing its flavor profile, balance, and finish. We’ll also examine the differences between European and Californian rosés and stress the importance of trying wines from the home of rosé, Provence. Stick around for our upcoming episode where we’ll cover some fantastic bubbly options for under $10. Cheers to keeping it affordable, refreshing, and always delectable!

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Welcome again. It's a domain, dave from cheap wine findercom. Again with a go through this. Every time This is a wine we wrote up on the cheap wine findercom website, you know, and we rat it up. I use the Royal Wii and then we plug in the microphone and we talk about it because we try to go a little bit more depth. Sometimes there's not a lot to say about the production of the wine because they don't tell you, especially with these cheaper wines, these less expensive wines. So we get more into our feelings here. So there we go, and what we got today is a wine from Aldi, and this one's got a story, actually an interesting story. It's $9.99. It's the exquisite collection Coates d'Provence Rose 2021. And the reason why it's got a story is because the 2016 version of this rose, especially in Europe. In Europe, it won the award for one of the best Provence wines in the world, regardless of price, and I think it was like $9 and it's $9.99 now. It's $10 now. But it became a sought after wine, because how often can you get what is rated the best wine in the world for $10? Not that often. And then it came to the United States. It might have been the next year, maybe I missed it in 2016 and I heard about in 2017. I'm trying to put my thinking cap on and I don't know, but it sold out. I remember going to Aldi's and I got there about 11 and there's like two bottles because on a Wednesday, that's when they release everything And it sold out immediately and there was kind of like a major buzz about it. I had it. It was like, oh, that's good. I didn't understand why it was the best in the world And you know I never do with those things. Every time I drink a $300 wine, it's like that's $300. But that's the way I am. I'm going to take a sip of this wine And it's a good rosé. I mean, if you're into rosé or starting out and trying to like it, this has got nice balance to it. It's got good flavor, it's subtle, it's got a length, it's got it's got a good finish. The city is really nice. Yeah, it's a good wine. I mean this is the best in the world. Hey, i don't know how to think about that stuff. I mean, how do you know, and I don't know who's making these determinations? but is this good? And is it $10? Yeah, it's good, it's $10. And for rosé it's kind of interesting California rosé and rosé started in Provence and a lot of the rosés in Europe are our big name. That's one of the most expensive ones in. Rosé is really popular now A lot of California rosés tend to be like, fruitier than they are in Europe. And these Provence wines and that's the South of France. Coates de Provence is the largest growing region in Provence. I think there's nine of them And it's the main one. These are all blends. We don't know what the it's. Usually it's Grenache, suram or Vedra since. So Canoire and like 32 other grapes. You never know what's in there. And they even can put white grapes in there. Just as long as something's got pink grape skins, they can get the color. So these are kind of interesting because they are sleeker and leaner and not as juicy as American California, maybe Washington State rosés are. But this one still has like the subtle flavor. That's really kind of enticing. I kind of like it. I keep on going back and sipping because I like the taste. Yeah, nicely balanced, it's got me. The length is really good. Put a nice chill on this and kick back. I think the alcohol is 12%, which is not bad. Today 13, 14 is common with a lot of wines And this one isn't. And it's got flavors, lures, got structure. I found some kind of creamy thing on there. There's no, there's no oaks, there's no vanilla, but maybe they stirred the leaves. The more you stir it, the creamier it gets. I'm getting a little bit of that on there and it's really kind of a nice wine. So yeah, i wouldn't know what the best rosé wines in the world are, but I know that this $10 wine kind of brings it and it's well worth 10 bucks. And it's Provence. This is the home of rosé wines. If you want to learn rosé, go where all began. And I'm taking a bunch of sips. So that tells you something, because it's Just another one. It's got a nice array of flavors. I mean, it's not the kind of wine I can pick it out and say there's cherry and there's this and there's that. It kind of all stewed and blend together. There are, there is pear, there is peach, there is maybe tart cherry, there is grapefruit, there is those things in there, but not to really stand out to where you're really picking them out, this is definitely a stew, a blend. That's a stew which is kind of like what blends are supposed to be. So the 2016 was one of the best in the world. I'm saying this is one of the best 999 supermarket rosés and there ain't nothing wrong with that. So that's it for me. Domain Dave, i promised rosé and I think I promised some bubbly, so we'll do that. Next We'll get some. Get some under 10 buck bubblies that are fun to drink. So, adios, keep it cheap, stay cool and stay safe and healthy, and I'll talk to everybody in a couple of days.

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