Trader Joe’s Roseta Rosé 2022-A $6 Rose For Your Inner Hippie Gypsy

What if you could find a fun, flavorful, and affordable Rosé that stands out from the rest? Want to hear about a Portuguese wine that delivers on taste, even though it doesn’t exist on the internet? It’s Domain Dave, from, sharing my insights on a unique Trader Joe’s exclusive, Rosetta Rosé 2022. This wine, with its unusual flask-style bottle, seems like a cheeky clone of Matus Rosé, a brand that’s been around for 70 years. Join me as we taste this wine together, exploring its blend of raspberry, lemon, soft spice, and a hint of creaminess. 

Sure, it might not be the most complex wine out there, but it’s perfect for a hot summer day or a casual gathering. Pour a glass and enjoy the conversation as we ponder why the producers have created a wine that mirrors Matus Rose. Is it a tribute or a clever marketing strategy? Regardless, this Rosé doesn’t disappoint when it comes to taste and affordability. So, whether you’re a wine connoisseur or a casual drinker, you’re sure to appreciate this honest and entertaining review. Let’s pop the cork on this fun Rosé, and remember, keep it cheap, stay cool, and stay safe.

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Speaker 1:

Welcome again. It's domain day from cheap winefindercom And we're doing what I always do. I'm going to talk about a wine, a wine we wrote up on the cheap winefinder website and it's a? um, a Rose from Portugal. It's a, i believe, a trader Joe's exclusive. I can't find anything on the web for it. It's called the Rosetta Rosé 2022. Rosetta only has one T, so it's misspelled. I don't know what the meaning behind that is And, um, i think I have it listed as the trader Joe's Rosetta Rosé 2022 because least trader Joe's lets you know where to find it, because it doesn't exist on the net And it's got a flash style bottle just like Matus Rose and on the surface it looks kind of like it is a Matus Rose um clone wine Maybe. I mean I haven't had one recently. It's been about five years since I've tasted Matus Rose and it. You might think that's kind of a weird wine to do a clone of, but it's a brand. Matus Rose has been around for 70 years And in the 60s, 70s and, you know, part of the 80s. It's been a while now since it's been a rock and roll wine. It was everywhere. It is probably the first Rosé many, many people ever had. It's the first Portuguese wine many people had And I had this flash style bottle, which this one does, which is worth the price $5.99 for this thing And it was a dry Rosé and it was kind of sweet and kind of flavorful. The one thing about Portuguese wines is that they always use either indigenous grapes or, if it's a grape that is grown elsewhere, they use the local name. So if you're trying to figure out what you're drinking, you never will. It's always Portuguese. They do their thing and you got to hand it to them. You do what you do, don't give into the international market, but um, but it kind of throws you off. If you're trying to get a handle on what you're drinking, you're never going to figure it out. Take a sip of this and I like this one for $5.99 for a Rosé. It has a few things going for it, but complexity isn't one of them. Normally I talk about mid pal and you know finish and length and all that kind of stuff. Not here. It's what you get upfront is what you get. But for a 5.99 Rosé from Portugal that if it tastes good, if it delivers on what it's supposed to do, well then fine, don't you know? this doesn't have to be, you know, reviewed, the same way that you know a $25 wine does, or whatever. It's a fun Rosé. It tastes good. It's got a touch of sweetness to it, a dry one. It's got maybe raspberry, jammy raspberry, but not sweet. Maybe some lemon, a little soft spice. I get a little creaminess on it, but not never goes all that far. Maybe some cherry, again dried raspberry, dried strawberry. So this is fine. It's not one of those smack your lip wines, but it tastes good. Take another sip And, plus, the bottle looks great. I mean, it's a flask wine. If you want to go back to your Gypsy hippie roots, you can put a cork in there and you know having those melty candles not a cork, a candle and those melty candles and you know, play Jimi Hendrix music, which is okay with me. Yeah, it tastes great. Is it complex? No, does it have a mid-pallet? No, how's it finish Long enough? Is it a fun wine? Oh, yeah, it's $5.99, a great price for it. Yeah, it's a really good price for it. Is the bottle cool? Pretty much. It's got a decal for a label that's see-through and they have a decal on both sides, so you kind of read the back label on the first label, but it's $5.99. If they didn't think that through, it's okay, and plus you can probably get the steam the label off if you're putting your candle on top. So that's it for me. I mean, there's not that much to talk about. It's from Portugal. Don't know what the grapes are. The producer is a bottler. Boracic is bottling cup. It also has a custom wine section that goes along with it. They make wine and it doesn't say how it says they bottled it. But it makes sense that they also kind of made a Matus Rose clone. Why would they make a Matus Rose clone, since Matus Rose really hasn't been a huge seller? Maybe it still is, but it's been years. At one time it was the Rose, but markets different nowadays, so why would you do it? I don't know. But it does look cool, it does taste good and the bottle's fine and I like it. So on a hot summer's day, just find a drink. It's got enough flavor to keep you happy. If you have friends over and you get three bottles for under 20 bucks, what else can you ask? It's one of those wines. Don't just enjoy it and don't think too much about it. So that's it for me. Domain Dave, chief Winefightercom, and we have more wines coming up in summertime. Actually, a lot of new wines don't ship in the summer, like from California, because of the heat. Heat will kill wine, so the summer is kind of hard sometimes to find new wines because they're not being. They won't be shipped until the weather breaks a little bit and the heat's off, or it's going to be usually higher end wines that are in refrigerated vehicles. So for inexpensive wines it's kind of a doldrum. So we might be revisiting wines and what have you, just until it gets the fall when things kick in. So that's it for me again. Domain Dave, chiefwinefightercom. Trader Joe's Rosetta 1T, rosé 2022. It's a fun buy, drink it, keep the bottle, put a can of wine in and you'll be happy. So, adios, keep it cheap, stay cool and stay safe. Adios, bye-bye.

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