Sipping for a Cause: Bar Dog Cabernet Sauvignon 2020 – A Wine That Helps Shelter Dogs Find Forever Homes

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CheapWineFinder Podcast
Sipping for a Cause: Bar Dog Cabernet Sauvignon 2020 - A Wine That Helps Shelter Dogs Find Forever Homes

Imagine enjoying a delicious glass of Cabernet Sauvignon while also helping shelter dogs find their forever homes. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, that’s exactly what you’ll get with the Bar Dog Cabernet Sauvignon 2020. Join me as I discuss this unique and reasonably-priced wine, along with the vintage wine estates behind it and how they give back to a good cause.

Not only does the Bar Dog Cabernet Sauvignon 2020 taste great, but it’s also a summer sipper that appeals to a wide range of people, making it perfect for gatherings with friends and family. I’ll delve into the distinct blend of grape varieties used in this medium-bodied wine and share my thoughts on the importance of Tannins in a good Cabernet Sauvignon. So, pour yourself a glass and raise a toast to this wine that not only satisfies your taste buds but contributes to helping our furry friends find loving homes. Cheers!

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Hello, it's Domain, dave cheapwinefightercom. Again, another wine review podcast for a wine we wrote up on the cheapwinefightercom website, which is what we do, and today we have a wine that's good to dogs. It's called a Bar Dog, cabernet Sauvignon 2020. It's sourced from California, which doesn't really tell you that much. They do donate some of the profits to animal shelters to help find permanent homes for shelter dogs, and that's pretty cool. There's also on their website. It was you could I'm a little late with this one, but last month you could send a picture and your dog and 10 dogs got picked and you can vote for the next dog, the next pup. That makes it on the label Right now it's the dog as a cartoon dog, which now, that's not a cartoon dog, It just has an eye patch or a monocle, i guess. So the Bar Dog Cabernet Sauvignon 2020 is one of the wines from vintage wine estates. They have a family of wine brands and actually I was pretty impressed. They have, like, really high end wines. They have, you know, the best one, the best wine raiser in Washington, best syndromic coast, and then they have value priced wines and specialty wines. That was a pretty good sign. If you ask me, i always like to see who makes it, and that portfolio means a lot. And what else is there? This Cabernet Sauvignon, but it's 95% Cabernet Sauvignon. And then they add 2% of Petit Padoe, 2% of Petit Surin, 1% of Merlot, and I always kind of that's another thing I'd like to see. When they do 2% of this and 1% of that, it means like how much can that make a difference? Well, it does make a difference And the wine maker actually went through the trouble of adding 2% and 1%. I mean he was going for something or they were. They should. They don't know if it's he or she. We're going for some, something that very particular And I kind of like that. I mean that somebody put in the time to make something exactly the way they wanted it, which is a nice thing. Like this isn't a wine that gets like a technical note. So the most things. They said that they used a new French oak in the aging. But how they use a new French oak, i don't know. I mean it's not a heavily oaked wine at all, it's a medium body. Cabernet Sauvignon We're going to take another sip, we'll talk about it. It tastes good but it's a medium wine. I mean, if you like your cabs, big and bold. This may not be your thing. It's got a Tannins, some little chewy Tannins in the mid-bath. They don't get in the way. But a good Cabernet Sauvignon should have Tannins And it's kind of funny. For a long time Tannins went away. Tannins are a chemical that are in the skins of the grapes and certain wines need them. I mean they should be there And for 10,. I mean this is a wine I found for $11. I saw it online anywhere from back to $13 or $14. So it's a reasonably priced Cabernet Sauvignon. But for a long time Tannins were gone. You really got Tannins and now you're starting to get them and you're trying to get them in a nicely balanced, flavorful way. And my first thought might take to this if you're a, i mean if you would prefer something closer to a Napa Cab or something from Sonoma, this might not exactly be your style. This is more of a back porch sipper. If you're with mixed company, which means some people like their wines a little softer. Maybe there's some white wine drinkers and you know there's some Napa guys too And this is kind of split the difference with a lot of people. I mean, this is an outdoor wine you can share with this one. It's got enough flavor. I mean it's medium body. I'm not saying it's lightweight or there's some kind of lacking as a cab, it just isn't that. You know the big and bold style, which is fine. They weren't trying for that Tickler sip, which tells you something, you know, but it is a back porch drinker sipper. It's a Sunday on the balcony, it's Tuesday night watching something on TV. Wine, you know. I mean you could, you know you could pair it with stuff. You know, burgers and pizza and stuff. It'd be just fine. But this is a sipping wine And it tastes fine. It would appeal to a large crowd. You know, like I said, it does what it's supposed to do, which you really can't complain about a wine that does what it's supposed to do. So there you go. It's the Bardog Cabinets of Young 2021. Why would I complain about a wine that tastes good anyway? And just so, there you go. This is a wine that's very summer oriented And if you like puppies too, it'll buy. This wine will help you find a couple of pups, find their home. So that's it for me. Domain, dave. It's a. It's a. It's a summer sipper wine that will appeal to a lot of people. That's a good thing. So that's it for me. I think I've got a Oregon peanut and a wire. I kept on talking about doing summer bubblies and rosé's. I will get to that, but in a minute. Until the next time, stay cool, stay safe and keep it cheap. Adios, bye, bye, bye.

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