Sea Sun Pinot Noir 2019

Sea Sun Pinot Noir 2019

This is a wine from Charlie Wagner, the son of Chuck Wagner from Caymus Napa Cabernet Sauvignon and the head of Wagner Family Wines.

Joe Wagner, Charlie's younger brother, did Meiomi Pinot Noir before he sold it for a crazy amount of money.

Jenny Wagner has a  wine brand that specializes in Merlot.

This is A Wine Family.

Charlie Wagner is also the winemaker for Mer Soleil, which does Chardonnay wines.

Mer Soleil is French for Sea Sun.

The Sea Sun Pinot Noir is a new style of California Pinot Noir which Joe Wagner's Meiomi Pinot leads.

I am a huge fan of old-school California Pinot Noir, but I really, really like the Sea Sun Pinot Noir 2019. 

2018 was the first vintage for this wine, but they got their act together in a hurry; this wine rocks!

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