Riondo Prosecco Spago Nero

The StoryThe Riondo Prosecco Spago Nero is 100% Glera grape from the DOC portion of the Prosecco region of Veneto in Northern Italy. The Spago Nero differs from the usual Prosecco in that this is Frizzante which refers to the pressure (atmospheres) inside the bottle. A typical Prosecco will have about 3 atmospheres of pressure (Champagne has 6 or 7) and a Frizzante Bubbly will have 1 or 2, in other words, light bubbles. The name Spago Nero translates to a black string. It refers to the original enclosure, which is still available, where the top is tied with a black string, this particular bottle had a screw cap. Bubbly with hefty atmospheres in the bottle need a big cork and cage, Frizzante can get away with a modest cap. The Spago Nero is also the #1 selling Prosecco is Italy.The Riondo is a medium sweet Bubbly, but with Sparkling wine, solid acidity can balance the sugar so it doesn't seem quite so sweet. Riondo is a huge winery with almost 16,000 acres of vineyards, but they have only been in business for 11 years. As per usual, Prosecco gets its bubbles from the Charmat Method, pressurized stainless steel vats. Not only are the bubbles less fizzy, but the alcohol content is also a rather modest 10.5%.The Tasting NotesThe color is a pale golden yellow, with plenty of energetic bubbles. The nose is delicate and light, lemon, melon, green apple, light spice, and pear. This is a medium-bodied Bubbly, fruit forward and the acidity does balance the sugar. It tastes of green apple, pear, dried apricot bits, and lemon chiffon. The mid-palate adds a salty, nutty sensation, and juicy peach. The acidity is just below lip-smacking good, but it does an admirable job of keeping the sugar/sweetness balanced. The finish is subtle and lengthy.The Summary * I can see why the Riondo Prosecco Spago Nero is the #1 Prosecco in Italy, it is super easy to drink. It goes down easy, the light bubbles and the low alcohol can keep you going for a long time without ill effects. * This is an excellent party Bubbly, where you want your guests to have a nice Bubbly, but you need low alcohol so they can get home safely. * A light and delicate Bubbly, with enough flavor to keep you interested and asking for more.

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