Paso Dragon Cabernet Sauvignon 2021-Another Good Vintage For A Trader Joe’s Favorite

What if you could have the experience of a high-quality, well-respected wine region in your glass, but without the usual steep price tag? Welcome to a journey through the Paso Robles region with your guide, Dave. We’re tasting the Paso Dragon Cabernet 2021, a Trader Joe’s gem that, priced at just $7.99, is set to shatter your preconceptions about ‘cheap’ wine. Full of vanilla, chocolate, blackberry, jammy raspberry flavors with a touch of spice, this wine promises a smooth and sleek profile that’s sure to please. A hint of blueberry and orange zest adds just the right amount of contrast to keep things interesting.

Dave’s detailed review not only explores the taste notes of this wine but also its background, providing insights into its origin and the unique characteristics of the Paso Robles region. Despite its price, the Paso Dragon Cabernet 2021 holds its own as a quality wine that pairs well with comfort food. Be prepared to redefine your ideas around affordable wines and learn that good wine doesn’t have to bust your budget. However, a word of caution, its sweet fruitiness might not play well with spicy dishes. Listen in and join the wine tasting adventure that reiterates that the term ‘cheap’ doesn’t equate to ‘bad’ when it comes to wine. So, pour yourself a glass, sit back, and enjoy the journey. Cheers!

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Welcome. It's Domain, dave from cheapwinefightercom, another wine review podcast. What we do here and we do it every single time, we die for three times a week forever is we write up a review of inexpensive wine on the cheapwinefightercom website. Cheap wine doesn't mean that the wine's bad. When we started the website, cheap was an internet slang. There was cheap airfare, cheap hotel, cheap big screen tea ease and also cheap wine, so it was a way to get noticed on the internet. So we're not drinking bad wine, we're just drinking wine that we're not paying a lot of money for. And this wine falls into that category because it's from Trader Joe's And this is a wine. This is the third vintage we've done of it And it's the Paso Dragon Cabernet 70 on 2021. And it's $7.99. It's from Paso Robles that's where the Paso comes from, and there's a Lake Nascimento, i think it is that if you see it from above and you have a pretty good imagination, looks kind of like a wing dragon, and if you look at the label, they do have both on there. It's a drawing and it kind of explains it to you, and it's in the heart of the Paso Robles region, which is about halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco And it's a very well-respected wine region and about half of what they do there is Cabernet 70 on. The winery doesn't put their name on it. I'm a geek and I went on the trademark registry search and I found who made it. So I'm not going to out them, because when you make a wine for a customer, a lot of times you're making the wine to their specifications And it might not be a wine that you yourself, the winery, would make but I don't think there's a winery out there would lessen their quality standards for a customer. You know that's not something that I don't think anybody would do. So you're getting the customer's quality but you might not be getting their representation of what their wines are. So if you look it up, that's fine. It's a family-owned winery that's been around since 1983 and they have 1,400 acres under Vine, so they're legit. I mean, it's not what you would expect a 799 Cabernet 70 on from a single aviator, and I don't know if they grew the grapes or if they purchased it from their neighbors or how that went. But it's a good start. When we don't know anything about the wine and we know that That's pretty good, i'm going to take a sip and we're going to talk about the wine itself. This is a wine that's kind of more sleek, smooth and long than complex and deep. It's got full flavor, but it's got vanilla and chocolate. It's got kind of crowd-pleasing flavors. It's got the blackberry and in the plums and the maybe jammy raspberry and a little bit of spice here and there and at the end there's might be a slap of blueberry along with some orange zest, just to rough things up a little bit, which is always nice when you got a smooth, sleek wine, to have a little contrast. So I'm telling you it's not a bad wine and it's 7-8-9 and we've done the 2020 vintage and the 2018 vintage and we've liked all of them. So that's not a bad trick to be able to produce a very drinkable California Cabernet Sauvignon for two bucks under $10. That's not bad at all. The label looks great. You can put this on your table and no one will go. 7-9-9 bottle. No, the package looks good, the wine looks, taste good, looks good too in the glass. So it's a quality wine. It's in the value price wine. It's going to be more smooth and a little bit more sweet fruit and it's not a sweet wine at all, but you get that nectar sweet of the fruit in there which I like. Most people like fruit and they'd be nectar sweet, so it works. I'm a digger ship. Yeah, it does a really nice job and it has been so. This is the Passel Dragon Cabernet Sauvignon 2021. From Trader Joe's $7.99. It's at this point after $3.00. Three vintages we've done out of four, and they've all been good. I think this is a bargain wine that you can count on. I would say it's more of a sipping wine, that it is a food wine, but it still would do great with comfort food. I mean burgers, pizza, burritos, tacos, you know that type of thing. I mean it's got that round smooth flavors. I wouldn't maybe not do things that are too spicy because the sweetness of the fruit those might have sweet wine and spice might kind of conflict a little bit. I don't know. They're giving a try. I just I haven't done that. So the Passel Dragon Cabernet Sauvignon 2021 is another good vintage. It's another thumbs up from us and this is Domain Dave, like us, really like your podcast, if you will out there. Thanks for listening and I'll be talking to everybody. A couple days I still got to go to Costco and I've got in mind a couple of wines, so I'll keep it cheap, stay cool, stay out of the humidity, and I'll be talking to everybody a couple days. Adios, bye, bye.

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