Oyster Bay Rosé 2022- A Tasty New Zealand Rosé of Pinot Noir

CheapWineFinder Podcast
CheapWineFinder Podcast
Oyster Bay Rosé 2022- A Tasty New Zealand Rosé of Pinot Noir

What if you discovered the secret behind why New Zealand's under $25 Pinot Noir from years ago was such an excellent bargain? Join me, Domain Dave, as I uncork the mystery behind this and more from the world of wine. Today, we're sipping on the Oyster Bay Rose 2022, a rosé that beautifully balances subtlety and a full-bodied flavor. We'll chat about the importance of grape vine ages, the significance of clones in winemaking, and how the whole process from de-stemming to aging on leaves contributes to this wine's unique taste.

Get ready to take a virtual trip to the vineyards of New Zealand as I discuss the rise of this region on the global wine scene. Listen in as I compare Pinot Noir from different regions and explain why malolactic fermentation, a common process in winemaking, was not used for this rosé. With flavors of cherries, lemons, apple, guava, and tart stone fruit, this amber-orange rosé is a perfect summer sipper. So pull up a chair, pour yourself a glass, and let's explore the fascinating world of wine together. Raise a glass to learning something new and remember to keep it cheap, stay cool, and stay safe. Cheers!

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