Opaline Sparkling Pinot Noir Brut Rosé

The StoryThe Opaline Sparkling Pinot Noir Brut Rose is a non-vintage $7.99 Trader Joe's wine imported from France. That is the bulk of the information concerning this Bubbly. The label says Product of France which does not narrow wines origin down to any great extent.The Opaline does have a very nice bottle. The glass is prism-cut and the shape reminds me of the type of bottle they use in Provence. Opaline is either milk glass or translucent glass, though the actual bottle is neither.The only information I found for the Opaline is from Aldi Sud, which is Trader Joe's real German name. Not that Reader Joe's wines have a wealth of technical information available.Does this Pinot Noir get its bubbles in the French traditional Method or in the Italian Charmat Method? I would expect it, at this price, to be produced in the Charmat Method (Pressurized tank 2nd fermentation), but Cava from Spain does the Traditional Method Bubbly at close to these prices, so you never know.A sub eight buck Sumner Bubbly Rose' from France is usually a good thing, so not knowing the who, what, when, and where of this Bubbly is not a deal-breaker, as long as it passes the taste test. The alcohol content is a mild 12%.Opaline Sparkling Pinot Noir Brut Rose Tasting NotesThe color is on the apricot side of pink and it has decent but not great bubbles. The nose is a little black cherry, a touch of bakery bread, some mineral water, and cherry cough drops.This is a crisp, lightly fruity Sparkling wine, not complex, but still tasty. It starts with cherry, with a slightly hard edge, a hit of minerality, and strawberry. There is a little tangerine on the mid-palate, along with soft vanilla. The acidity is well-balanced, this is one of those wines that will get you reaching for another sip.The Summary8 bucks for a French Brut Pinot Noir Bubbly, how can you go wrong?Put a good chill on the Opaline Sparkling Pinot Noir Brut Rose' and you have a party, even if you are the only one there.

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