M.Chevallier Brut Cava (Trader Joe’s)

The Story The M.Chevallier Brut Cava is a Trader Joe's $5.99 exclusive sourced from vineyards near Barcelona in northeast Spain. The trademark for this Cava is owned by the oldest and 2nd largest Cava producer in Spain. It is also imported by their own wine importation company, so they are not hiding anything. Trader Joe's does not provide technical information for this Cava. So, will go over some details usually found in value-priced Spanish Bubbly. The traditional grapes used in Cava are Macabeo, Xarello, and Parellada. These are the local indigenous Catalonian grapes found in most Cava's, though occasionally Chardonnay is used. Cava is produced with the Traditional Method, the same method used to produce Champagne. I will discuss the Traditional Method, Champagne & Cava, vs. the Charmat Method, Prosecco, in the companion podcast. Most regular, not Reserve Cava's, are not expensive. But a $5.99 Cava, from a leading winery, is an extremely good price. There are not many reasons to not give it a try. A 6 buck Bubbly that is average is still a bargain. The alcohol content is a reasonable 11.5%. The Tasting Notes The color is a clear, clean, pale gold, with teeny, tiny bubbles. The nose is slightly floral, citrus notes, a hint of honey, and crisp apple.  The M.Chevallier Brut Cava (Trader Joe's) bright, crisp Cava, with solid, but balanced acidity. It tastes of tart grapefruit, green apple, lemon/lime, and Bosc pear. The mid-palate adds a salty, nutty flavor and apricot. The acidity is balanced, which is excellent at this price point. I can think of a few budget Cava's that are acid bombs, they are ok with food, but hard to sip on their own. The finish is subtle, but lingers. The Summary * The M.Chevallier Brut Cava (Trader Joe's) isn't just an everyday Bubbly, at this price it is a twice a day Bubbly. * While not the most detailed and complex Bubbly, it does taste very good. * A $5.99 Cava/ Bubbly that is worth drinking, is something to behold.

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