Lomasi Bee Well Rosé 2020

The Lomasi Bee Well Rosé 2020 is a $6.99 ALDI wine sourced from vineyards in the Monterey County AVA inside California's Central Coast AVA. ALDI does not offer any information on the making of this Rosé, so which grapes are used, and the production methods are a mystery.Lomasi WInes is a trademark owned by a large Monterey winery that often produces wine for ALDI and Trader Joe's. If you Google Lomasi, you will find them. I'm not particularly eager to name the producing winery since if their name is not on the label, it may not be a wine they would sell to retail shops.These store brand wines are often created to the customer's (ALDI) specifications and price-point and may not represent the winery's own line of wines. ALDI typically owns the trademark for their wine brands; that way, they can change producers if the need arises and still keep a popular label going.The producing winery owns the Lomasi Bee Well Rosé 2020, not ALDI, so that this wine may be slightly different from the usual ALDI fare. The wine packaging is first-rate, and this bottle would look good on your table at Easter. A young Rosé should pair well with ham, so do not let the $6.99 price tag hold you back.The alcohol content is 12.5% on the low side for modern California wines, so this should not be an overly ripe and fruity Rosé. The front label proclaims the Lomasi Bee Well Rosé 2020 is sustainably farmed, and the producing winery is a leader in sustainably farmed and made wines.Their 12 estate vineyards are all certified sustainable, so maybe there is a possibility that this sub-seven buck wine may be partly estate grown. There are some positives about the Lomasi Bee Well Rosé 2020, attractive label, an excellent producing winery, and certified sustainable production.Lomasi Bee Well Rosé 2020 Tasting NotesThe color is more coral than pink. The nose is good; it reminds me of French Rosé, cherry, strawberry mixed with tangerine, a slightly creamy scent, soft spice, and a light floral bouquet. This is a dry Rosé with firm flavors and balanced acidity.It starts with dried strawberry and slightly sour cherry, followed by candy spice. The mid-palate adds orange juice, light herbs, orange zest, and apricot. The flavors are nice and chewy; this is not a light and fluffy Rosé. The acidity gets you licking your lips and reaching for the next sip.The SummaryThe Lomasi Bee Well Rosé 2020 can hold its own with most under $20 Rosé.This is not a dumbed-down, cookie-cutter Rosé; the Lomasi Bee Well Rosé 2020 is a wine well worth drinking.This is an excellent wine to pair with the Easter meal.

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