Kirkland Ti Point Sauvignon Blanc 2018

The StoryThe Kirkland Ti Point Sauvignon Blanc 2018 seems to be a $6.99 Costco exclusive sourced from grapes grown in the Marlborough region of New Zealand's South Island. Ti Point Vineyards produced and bottled this Sauv Blanc (that technically means they made at least 75% of the wine) and they are a winery that started on Ti Point in the northern part of the North Island of New Zealand. The North Island wineries are mostly low volume “boutique” producers, but Ti Point has branched out to Marlborough and Hawke's Bay on the South Island. What is odd about this wine is that the label sports Costco's Kirkland logo and the Ti Points logo, it is almost always one or the other. When a store has its own brand of wines there are 2 main models. The contract wine, where the store strikes a deal with a wine producer to create a specific wine at a specific price point and a unique brand name and label is designed. The second is the negociant method where the store negotiates with a winery to buy excess existing wine at a lower price than it would sell at retail. Again a new or different brand and label is created and the identity of the original winery is hidden. But not here, maybe the rules are changed since Costco is a membership club and not strictly a retail store. And maybe Ti Point is trying to establish their brand in the US.This is a young Sauvignon Blanc meaning it is best consumed in the first year or two of the vintage release. The Ti Point wine is fermented and aged in stainless steel vats and is intended to be bright, lively, fruit-forward east to drink wine. $6.99 is a very good price for a Marlborough Sauv Blanc, most value-priced NZ Sauvignon Blanc are priced at least a buck or 2 higher. The acidity is a mild 12.5%.The Tasting NotesThe color is a soft creamy yellow. The nose is filled with tropical fruit, pineapple, guava, peach, pear, grapefruit, green apple, and melon, this wine is not aroma challenged. This Sauv Blanc has a very good mouth-feel, a nice balance between ripe citrus and fruit and acidity. It tastes of creamy lemon, grapefruit, a touch of spice, and lime. The mid-palate offers peach, Bosq Pear, a salty sensation, and tart apple. The acidity is good, not quite lip-smacking, but in the pocket. The finish is subtle compared to the bold body of the wine but does linger.The Summary * At $6.99., you have to ask yourself, “why pay more for an everyday Sauv Blanc.” Yes, the taste is subjective, but I think this Sauvignon Blanc will be in the most folks comfort zone. It tastes great and costs little.  

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