King Rabbit Rosé 2018 (Whole Foods)

The Story The King Rabbit Rose' 2018 seems to be a Whole Foods $9.99 exclusive sourced from the Languedoc in southwestern France. The King Rabbit Rose' is made with the Cinsault grape, which is one of the main blending grapes of the region. Cinsault is also one of the grapes featured in the Rose' wines of Provence. This Rose' is designated an IGP wine, which is one step below AOC wines. IGP indicates the wine exhibits the characteristics of the region, but for some reason didn't conform to AOC rules and regulations. The King Rabbit Rose' is one of 10 Rose' wines that Whole Foods is featuring for the spring and summer. All 10 Rose' wines are selling for less than $20, with most closer to $10. For some reason, the only products for sale at Whole Foods that are reasonably priced are the wine. I choose King Rabbit Rose' 2018 for the label. With Easter dinners coming up, this is a wine that will pair with baked ham, and double as decoration. The label shows a bunny, not an Easter Bunny, but close enough for the occasion. I am usually skeptical of wines with labels specifically designed for special occasions. Even young wines can last a year or two, so why offer a wine that can only sell for 1 month? The King Rabbit Rose' is a passable stand-in the Easter Bunny. The alcohol content is 12%. The Tasting Notes The color is on the apricot side of pink. The nose is pretty, there is a real spring-time in a bottle sensation happening. There are aromas of peach, pear, ripe, juicy apple, fresh lime, soft lemon, with a light floral edge. This is a dry, fruit forward, not particularly complex, but tasty Rose'. It tastes of strawberry, a touch of cream, and a slightly harder slap of spice. The mid-palate shows black cherry, a salty sensation, and dried cranberry. The acidity is very good, this is a backyard sipping Rose' and a versatile Rose' with the meal. The finish is mild but does last awhile. The Summary * The King Rabbit Rose' will pair well with an Easter ham, and work nicely as a summer sipper * This is one of those wines that more you sip the better it tastes, it grows on you * When you shop Whole Foods, buy the wine, but avoid the $14 frozen pizzas and the $12 bunch of grapes    

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