Exquisite Collection Chardonnay 2019

The Exquisite Collection Chardonnay 2019 is a $7.99 ALDI exclusive sourced from vineyards in California and that is the extent of what I know about this wine.The Exquisite Collection line of wine is basically the ALDI equivalent to Trader Joe's Reserve wines. Special wine deals happened upon that year, and they pass the savings on to us. They do not seem to be $20 wine selling for 8 bucks, just good, solid wine at a good price.The description on the back label of the Exquisite Collection Chardonnay 2019 mentions flavors of brioche and toasted almonds. That would suggest some oak conditioning (the brioche) and partial malolactic fermentation and mainly “on lees” fermentation (the nutty flavors). I am completely out of pertinent for the Exquisite Collection Chardonnay 2019. I could wax poetic about Chardonnay for another three of four paragraphs, but I would rather find out what this Chardonnay tastes like, so on to the tasting portion. The alcohol content is 13.7%.Exquisite Collection Chardonnay 2019 Tasting NotesThe color is a clear, pale golden yellow. The nose is more melon and lemon, than crisp apple, peach and pear. The nose suggests some decent oak aging, meaning oak barrel or staves rather than oak powder.This is not a cookie-cutter Chardonnay; there is an interesting flavor profile, layer, and complex, but not the usual affordable Cali Chard. It tastes of lemon, melon, light spice, and a little butterscotch, not sweet.The mid-palate offers tart lemon curd, that salty, nutty, on lees thing, Anjou pear, and a slap of pink lemonade. The acidity is well-balanced; it lets the flavor do its thing but otherwise stays out of the way.The SummaryThe Exquisite Collection Chardonnay 2019 is a Chardonnay that is well worth drinking.It is an interesting Chardonnay that is well-made and has some personality.I have had good luck with these Exquisite Collection wines; I will be sure to give the next edition a try.

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