Death Metal Red Vol. 6 2015

Death Metal Red Vol. 6 2015 seems to be a $9.99 Whole Foods exclusive sourced from vineyards in the Castilla-La Mancha region of Spain. This Red is designated a Vino de la Tierra wine which is Spain's version of Vin de Pays from France or IGT from Italy.Cheapwinefinder reviewed the 2016 Death Metal Red Vol 1 back in February of 2018, it sold for $8.99 then. Which is somewhat confusing for sub ten dollar wine. The 2018 vintage is a 2016 and the 2020 version is a 2015 vintage? I could not any information on the blend of grapes featured with the Death Metal Red. It is produced by Lauren Rosillo, who is a well-regarded winemaker and expert in Spain, for WX Brands. WX Brands also owns Chronic Cellars which I also found at Whole Foods. Their brands are found at all sorts of wine outlets, not just Whole Foods.There is Death Metal Red Vol. 6 2015, along with Vol 1, 2,3, 4, and 5, but I am not sure if they are six different blends or one blend and 6 labels. There is at least a 2015 and a 2016 vintage, but beyond that, it is all a mystery.If this were a California Red wine I would be a little hesitant to drink a five-year-old $10 Red Blend. Value-priced wines from the West Coast are produced with methods to allow the wine to come together and reach its balance in a relatively short period of time.That method produces bright, fruit-forward wines that are extremely popular, but it does not lend itself to wine aging. In Spain, things are a little different. There are wines in Spain that are Mae along the lines of the value California wines.Not all Spanish wine regions produce grapes with soft tannins and gentle acidity, some indigenous Spanish grapes are going to need time to blend and balance. I would that the local version of Tempranillo is a component in this blend and that is a grape that ages well.Most American value-priced wine drinkers may not be used to drinking Red wine with some decent bottle age that may have more than the typical amount of tannins and acidity. On the plus side, the wine flavors and textures should be nicely melded together. Just do not expect usual California $9.99 red Blend. The alcohol content is 13%.Death Metal Red Vol. 6 2015 Tasting NotesThe color is clear, dark garnet red with some serious black highlights. The nose is dark and intense, there is blackberry, licorice, spice, light herbs, and some cold mocha coffee. This is a smooth sleek Red blend, easy to drink.It starts with extracted blackberry, bitter dark chocolate, mild spice, and black pepper. The mid-palate brings slightly sweet raspberry, orange zest, and a touch of cream. The tannins are smooth and the acidity is balanced, I guess the five years of age did their job.Death Metal Red Vol. 6 2015 SummaryAs I recall, I like Vol. 6 better than I did Vol. 1, it has been almost 2 years between sampling the two wines. But I recall that Vol. 1 was on the rough side. That is not a problem with Vol.6.If you shop Whole Foods you may well buy this Red for the label, but it is a wine well worth drinking. You do not get a Red with five years of age for $9.99 very often.

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