A Toast to Inexpensive French Bubbles that Delight

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CheapWineFinder Podcast
A Toast to Inexpensive French Bubbles that Delight

I recently stumbled upon a French Bubbly for just $9.99 at a local wine shop, and I couldn’t wait to share my thoughts with you all! Join me as I discuss the Lealais Blanc de Blanc Brute sparkling wine from Burgundy, made from Chardonnay grapes, offering a unique combination of flavors and techniques. 

Made using the Charmat method, which is typically used for Prosecco, this wine provides a delightful marriage of Prosecco and Champagne styles. With notes of lemon, melon, apple, nectarine, and juicy peach, this dry wine is perfect for any occasion. So treat yourself to a French bubbly on a Tuesday evening – you deserve it! Listen in as I take a sip and share my thoughts on this delightful find, and stay tuned for some upcoming Costco wine reviews in the next few days. Cheers!

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Speaker 1:

Hey, welcome, it's Domain Dave, with another cheapwinefightercom podcast for a wine we wrote up on the cheapwinefightercom website, which is what we're doing, what I'm doing. So today we've got a little bit different, a little bit interesting. I went to a local wine shop and I found this French Bubbly 999. This is not a store brand, this is just straight up And this is also something that this particular wine might not be available in 48 states. It's not something you can go into your local wine shop and guarantee you'll find, but there's something like it will be in there. And that's the important part, because they're all going to be a little bit different and we'll explain why. The Ogamy fairly decent to drink, and what we have here is the Lealais Blanc de Blanc Brute sparkling wine from Burgundy. It's Chardonnay. Chardonnay is the grape of Burgundy. It's also the grape of Champagne, along with Pinot Noir and Pinot Mounais. Champagne is on the northern section of Burgundy, rouge Relay is in the southern and Burgundy is in the different. That's the home of Chardonnay. Now, this wine is 999 for a reason It's because it's not made in the traditional method. They don't make it like Champagne, where they ferment the wine once and they put it in, they bottle it and then they put some Eastern sugar in each bottle to close it up and come back a year and a half later. That's not this. This is Charmat method. Charmat method is Prosecco. They ferment, the grapes, age a little bit and they pour it all into this huge pressurized vat. Throw in a measured amount of Eastern sugar there, crank the seal it up, crank the pressure and in a couple of weeks, a couple of months, the bubbles are incorporated. It's kind of like Champagne is like Renaissance technology and Charmat method is industrial age technology. It's like from 1880 to 1890. They haven't had a newer system and they've come up something for too long. But that's what that is and it's a little easier. It takes 18 months for Champagne to come to fruition and these come maybe three weeks, month and a half, two months, if you ever wondered what a Prosecco would taste like. And they're made with the glera grape. The one thing about the glera grape that's kind of weird is they don't have just regular glera grapes. Very seldom still wine. I've been told by winemakers in who make Prosecco that's not an interesting still wine. It turns into something when they turn it into bubbly. But Chardonnay is kind of like the king grape when it comes to bubbly, that Pinot Noir. So if you ever wondered what a Prosecco and a Champagne kind of put together would be and for 10 bucks I shouldn't get too over my skis with the Champagne comparisons, but it's that grape, it's a Chardonnay grape. Everybody knows it, they know it's a still wine, they know it in bubbly and it's something a little bit different. In Cava they have the three grapes Peralata, charlo and Macabee All good grapes, but it's always nice to have a Cava with Chardonnay in there because those flavors really do well with sparkling wine. And here we got a French burgundy, charmat Prosecco style bubbly with Chardonnay And it's pretty good. I'm going to take a sip. It's not a hugely complex wine, it's not one of those wines, but let's sip it. But it does taste good. It's got a lemon line thing going on and it has some melon and some lemon and apple, maybe some nectarine, some juicy peach. I mean there's like it's a dry wine. It's a deblonk, deblonk, blonk. Deblonk means white wine from white grapes and it's brute, meaning it's not sweet, though it has a couple of those flavors that are kind of juicy. You know it's nectar sweet, not sugar sweet. Yeah, it's for ten bucks a French bubbly from Burgundy. I can see you can be able to find it everywhere. But you will be able to find French bubblies for ten bucks in most cities and most decent wine shops. And maybe it's not from Burgundy, maybe it's from the lower valley, maybe it's from Longwood or something anywhere that they have good white grapes, that they'll have it there And it's kind of nice. It's a yeah, i'm going to take another sip because it's one of those wines Ten bucks for a French bubbly on a Tuesday afternoon, tuesday evening. You know that's kind of funny, you know. I mean, that's what else do you want out of your wine? And you know, in that price point you're talking about same old. Same old for versecos or maybe some American kind of ten-buck wines, and here you're getting something unique and different and French. So that's it for me. Domaine Dave. That was the Lealais Blanc du Blanc Brute. We've got a couple more wines coming. I got a couple of Costco things happening. We'll do that in the next few days And that's it for me. Stay warm, stay safe, and I will be talking to everybody in a couple of days. Like us, we like your podcast, we will. It does help. Thanks a lot, bye.

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