Pizzolato Moscato Dolce 2012

pizzolatomoscatoThe 2012 Pizzolato Moscato Dolce (sweet) is sourced from organic Estate vineyards near the town of Treviso in the Veneto region of Italy, not far from the area that produces the Glera grape used in Prosecco. This Sparkling wine uses indigenous yeasts to induce fermentation, thats the yeast that is floating in the air and already on the skin of the grapes and not only is this wine certified organic, it is Vegan friendly. The Pizzolato receives its bubbles in pressurized vats (the Charmat Method) for 2 months, but they are easy on the CO2, only reaching 2.5 atm of pressure. By contrast Champagne must be a minimum of 5.5 atm and in the US a Bubbly must have at least 2.7 atm of pressure to be labeled a Sparkling wine. The alcohol is a mild 7%.

The color a pale wheat yellow with a flurry of tiny, persistent bubbles. The nose is lightly candied pear, banana cream pie and peach extract. The bubbles are soft and add a shine to this moscato, this is a sweet wine, but balanced sweetness. It starts with pear, hard candy slightly sour pineapple, apricot and SweeTart orange (though not that sweet). The acidity is nicely balanced, it gives a subtle sharp tug to your tongue, then fades away. The finish is light, but it does not go away, this is one of those wines that you will continue to taste long after your last sip.

The 2012 Pizzolato Moscato Dolce is delicious, I am not usually a sweet wine drinker, but I could not stop emptying my glass and pouring some more. A light and delicate Bubbly, it would not be at home during the main course at dinner, but it would work with dessert, it would rock birthday cake or graduation cake. Now here is a pairing suggestion that might not be too traditional, the next time you attend a local street fair, get a clean empty Big Gulp cup and fill it with as much Pizzolato Moscato Dolce that will fit, put the top on and insert a straw. At 7% alcohol content, you won’t over do it, but with the tasty flavors, the organic grapes and the mellow Bubbles, you will be the happiest person at the Fair. Note: this bottle has a soda pop top, not a cage and cork, so bring a church key.

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this bottle was received as a sample


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