Pierre Sparr Cremant Brut Rose’

PS-NV-Cremant-Rose-Bottle-PPThe Pierre Sparr Cremant Brut Rose’ is 100% Pinot Noir sourced from vineyards near the villages of Molsheim, Kintzheim and Sigolsheim in the Alsace Region of France. First fermentation takes place in steel tanks for 6 months, then second fermentation (adding bubbles) takes place inside each individual bottle, Methode Champagne, for 18 months. Wine and Spirits Magazine awarded this wine 90 points and until recently the Pierre Sparr Brut Rose’ sold for between $15 and $20, for some reason the price has dropped dramatically and Trader Joe’s has a limited supply selling for $5.49. The alcohol content is 12.5%.

The color is salmon pink, the bubbles are plentiful. The nose is cherry and strawberry with a light touch of bakery bread and a soft floral note. It is both tart and acidic and soft and delicate. It tastes of a mixture of sweet strawberry and sour cherry, the strawberry keeping the cherry from getting too sour and the cherry taking the sugary edge off the strawberry. A touch of lemon chiffon and fresh lime kick in on the mid palate, along with a hint of buttered bread. The finish is crisp and clean and lingers a respectable length of time.

The Pierre Sparr Cremant Brut Rose’ is a solid taste of Alsace Bubbly at a price lower than Asti Spumante and Cook’s Champagne. This one is a no-brainer, at $5.49, the Pierre Sparr is probably the best cheap bubbly you are going to find this year. This Sparkling wine would be a huge hit at any holiday party, the ying yang of the sweet and sour is extremely enticing and if you keep your mouth shut, no one will know you got it cheap. But hurry, it won’t last long at this price.

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