15143The Pierre Delize Blanc de Blanc Brut is a non vintage Sparkling wine produced in Burgundy, France. It was bottled by Veuve Ambal, a Sparkling wine producer located in Beaune, Burgundy, but this seems to be a private/custom label and is not listed on their website.  This Bubbly is a “ Vin Mousseux,” which translates to Sparkling wine, the same as a Cremant. The difference is Cremant indicates the Sparkling wine was produced outside of the Champagne AOC and was made with the Methode Champenoise ( 2nd fermentation occurs inside each and every bottle), Vin Mousseux means the Bubbly was produced outside of Champagne and can possibly be produced in a different Sparkling wine method, possibly the 2nd fermentation occurs in large stainless steel tanks, like Spumante and Prosecco. Since the label does not say this wine was made with the Champagne Method, this is probably a French wine made in the Italian style. Blanc de Blanc translates to White wine made from White grapes and since this wine seems to be from Burgundy, it is likely the Chardonnay grape was used. The term Brut on the label indicates that this is classified a Dry (or not sweet) Sparkling wine, it may be confusing but the term Dry on the label indicates that the wine is on the sweet side. The alcohol content is 11.5%.

The color is golden yellow, the bubbles are tiny and are reasonably plentiful. The nose is apple, apple and then, more apple, with a touch of lemon and slight whiff of baking bread.  It tastes of fresh sweet apples, the core included, unsweetened 7up and just a hint of fresh baked bread with a little butter. The acidity is very well balanced, inexpensive Bubbly can be acid bombs, but not here. This is a very light, crisp, clean Bubbly. The finish is soft and subtle, but I don’t know how long it lasts, because I kept taking my next sip too soon.

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The Pierre Delize is extremely tasty, well made under $10 Bubbly. The quality of inexpensive wine has never, ever been better than it is today and THE best value in cheap wine is Bubbly aka Sparkling wine. The PR Department from Champagne, France has consumers so convinced that each and every Champagne Sparkling wine is better than every other Sparkling wine made, that they only way that other Bubbly/Sparkling wine producers can compete is to give a ton of bang for the buck. Even then it is an uphill battle, but I kind of like the irony that wine drinkers in the know are drinking fabulous cheap Bubbly and the folks that don’t know any better are spending $40 on stuff that is no better than your $9 bottle.

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Don’t tell anyone, but there is absolutely no correlation between the cost of wine and the quality of wine.