Outlander Paso Robles Meritage 2022

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Outlander Paso Robles Meritage 2022

The Outlander Paso Robles Meritage 2022 is a $7.99 Aldi exclusive, Aldi has trademarked the Outlander name. It is produced by a winery located in Greenfield, California, (Monterey AVA) which happens to be the home of a family-owned winery in business since 1972.

Outlander Paso Robles Meritage 2022

A Meritage (rhymes with heritage) wine is a California wine that exclusively uses the 5 grapes approved for use in Bordeaux. There is a Meritage Association that supports reach and education and collects a fee for using the Meritage name.

The Outlander Paso Robles Meritage 2022 blends Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Malbec, and Merlot., all sourced from Paso Robles AVA vineyards.

CWF has reviewed various vintages of the Outlander wines and found that this brand has consistently been excellent bang for the buck.

The bottle is a heavy Napa Cabernet Sauvignon-type bottle, which is a surprise for $7.99 wine, it has a deep puny on the bottom (the indentation on the bottom of the bottle) which gives the glass extra strength which can come in handy when aging wine for long periods. This is not a wine you should age, it is ready to drink now.

The back label mentions vanilla as a flavor which suggests some sort of oak-aging, but that is our only hint. The alcohol content is 13.5%

The Outlander Paso Robles Meritage 2022 Tasting Notes

The color is a raspberry jam red. The nose is bright red berries, extracted blackberry, dark chocolate, light herbs, baking spice, and raisin. The Outlander Paso Robles Meritage 2022 is smooth and sleek with a balanced flavor.

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This Red Blend tastes like blackberry, licorice, black pepper, soft spice, and ripe plum. The mid-palate adds blueberry, a light slap of sharp spice, cranberry, and slightly dusty tannins.

This is a juicy wine with good balance, the acidity allows the flavors to unfold and give the Meritage a little length.

The Summary

  • The Outlander Paso Robles Meritage 2022 is a consistently enjoyable wine.
  • It sips well and is perfect for pizza or burger nights.
  • $7.99 well spent.
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